Cytotechnologist (Cytology)




Duties and Responsibilities:

Cytology is the study of human body cells. Cytotechnologists are specially trained clinical technologists who study human body cells. They examine cells to identify changes that many indicate diseases like cancer.

Their duties include preparing microscope slides of cell samples, examining cell sample using microscopes, identifying abnormalities in shape, size, or color, using other automated lab equipment to perform tests, and analyzing report test results to physicians.

Cytotechnologists usually work in hospitals, clinics, or private laboratories. They also work in universities or for other researchers.

Average Salary: $ 30,000-$50,000

Educational requirements:

Students should take the most challenging high school courses in science, math, and English. Almost all cytotechnologists earn bachelor’s degrees in medical or clinical technology programs that include a year-long clinical internship in the field.




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