Careful, you might get stung!

The story was told by a little boy, he told us how he was with his family camping in the desert and his parents warned him about not wearing his shoes and he went out for a little stroll in flip flops and a scorpion stung his foot. They then drove him to the hospital and the doctor said he was fine. The boy states he learned a very good lesson out of the incident.


Reflection (my thoughts):

It could almost be tooken in a metaphorical way. Cause if you do something wrong, you do get stung by the consequences (in his case he really did get stung though). I guess the consequences come back to sting us as punishment for our wrong deeds. Like when you parents tell you to put on shoes and you step on a lego ( it hurts so bad). i’ve had it happen when my mom tells me tod o something or else a certain thing will happen, and thing happens cause i disobeyed.  Our consequences sting us like scorpions. So watch out.


like the oppponents of scorpion get stung by his  attacks.






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