Class presentations: Diseases

Aurora Zavala and Joaquin Mendoza :

Leukemia~  is bad progressive disease that can lead to anemia. It is caused by radiation, exposure to chemicals or other genetic problems.  Some treatments are chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. There is no known way to prevent this.

Dayana Salazar and Luz Santa Cruz :

Flu- also called influenza.  there are vaccines to prevent this disease. Being healthy and having good hygiene helps prevent this. Seasons are during October and ends around May. Almost anyone can acquire this.  People at risk are children and seniors and people with low immune systems.

Katherine Ovalle and Mario Villa:

HIV, AND AIDS –  they attack the immune system and make you vulnerable to almost anything and any other infections, sicknesses and diseases.  Human immunodeficiency virus = HIV. The advanced stage of HIV is AIDS. It can be transmitted from mother to child.

Elena Reyes and Aldo Sierra:

ADHD-  being hyperactive, forgetfulness, and impatient. 3 types of ADHD.  predominantly inattentive and predominantly hyperactive impulsive. they don’t know of the causes but they say it can be hereditary.

Oscar Martinez and Ronald Marquez:

Cardiovascular Disease-  No smoking. Exercise. Watch what you eat. Don’t eat chips. Cause if you were fitter, i wouldn’t be bitter.

Henry DeLaRosa:

Ebola Virus- No vaccine for Ebola. Extremely dangerous and deadly. No cure for Ebola.  Can lead to internal and external bleeding. high fatality rate on this disease.

Cynthia Ramos and Itzel :

Vitiligo- Occurs when immune cells destroy cell  that create brown pigment. May appear at any age. Photo therapy is one of its treatments.  Skin masks can cover up vitiligo. No known way to prevent vitiligo.

Miriam and Alexandra :

Lung cancer- Starts off as an error in the cells DNA. Can be caused by smoking.  Radon kills  21000 yearly. No prevention but not smoking will help.  DON’T SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  a symptom maybe chronic cough.

Daira and Ivan:

Albinism-  is also known as albino. Melanin is a chemical in our bodies that colors our skin, eyes, and hair. Some kids with albinism have eye problems and their eyes are sensitive to light. they eyes are red or blue. It is acquired through genes.

Hector and Tiffany :

Cancer-  is out of control cell growth.  No way to prevent it. No cure for cancer. 1/3 of all women can get cancer through their lifetime. Some cancers are leukemia, breast cancer, lung cancer, and kidney cancer.

Azela and Jasmine:

Cancer- Cancer can cause tumors and spreads throughout the body. Some causes can be radiation, pollutants, and tobacco use. Treatments are surgery, therapy and radiation. Some prevention are avoiding drugs, vaccines and staying healthy.

Brenda and sophia :

Ostearcoma- Is bone cancer. Average age of diagnosis is 15, primarily in male.  No known cause.  Survival rate is 60-80%.  People under 40 have better chance of survival. Most risk facvtors are hereditary. To prevent maintain a healthy weight and no smoking.

Luis and Alan:

Lung Cancer- Uncontrolled growth of cells in one or both lungs.  As the abnormal cells grow they can form tumors. Can be treated with surgery. Chemotherapy and radiation also work.   DON’T SMOKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! unless your a fish. Test your home for radon. Avoid carcinogens at work.  Affects males more.

Lupita and Andre:D

Cancrum oris or noma-  its a severe disfiguring of the mouth and face.  Unknown cause but maybe due to bacteria. Risk factor can be malnutrition.  Antibiotics can help. Plastic surgery may be necessary. Prevention: Eat right, be clean and sanitary.

Hugo v:

Progeria- disease where cells mutate and make you look older. Many effects and very rare disease.

Eduardo and brian:

Schizophrenia- mental disorder. unknown cause. you can’t prevent. Therapy helps. These people hear things in their minds. Schizophrenia means split mind.

Sandy and Bianca:

Eye disease-  conditions of the eye. it can affect your vision and make you blind. Cataract, glaucoma. and trachoma are some examples.  Cataract forms naturally as you age.  glaucoma can damage vision permanently.  Treatments vary on disease. For cataracts surgery works.

Diego and Jonathan:

Hiv/ Aids- is a disease were a virus attacks the t-cells in your body. Once your t-cells drop below 200 you are no longer considered a HIV patient but now a AIDS patient. This disease has no cure at the moment but a sure way to prevent it is by not having sex or having sexual relations. AIDs carriers are giving pills to take throughout their daily day.

Jessie Aguilar:

Spinal muscular atrophy-  is a group of inherited disorders that causes muscles weakness. must come from both parents to be inherited. Affects 1 in 6,000 people.  no cure for this. treatment is prevention and management  of secondary effect of muscle weakness.  4 types of sma. it is a recessive genetic disease. it is diagnosed by clinical basis.


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