Student success statement

” Be positive in the darkest of situations. Have hope even when you feel like you have nothing to hope for.”

In any bad situation, don’t assume the worst. Hope for the best. When you’re positive about things, it passes on. Your positivity  can brighten another persons day and make them smile. Being negative, won’t help you at all. It keeps you depressed and down all the time. Smile once in a while, it’s good for your health. You can literally change someone perspective with optimism. Some see the glass half full and others see it half empty. There are times when you can’t go on, and you feel miserable. But you keep hope and stay positive, even though you feel that nothing good will come of it. Have hope.


Home Health Aide

Duties and Responsibilities:

They work for companies that provide in home assistance  to ill, injured. and elderly people. They check their blood pressure, temperature, and pulse of the patients. They assist patients when they need to get in or out of bed, when they shower, and when they dress. They also clean and prepare meals.


$8,000- $ 18,000


Most employers prefer that nursing assistants and aides have a high school diploma or GED certificate.  Some vocational schools and community colleges offer training programs.




I wouldn’t mind helping someone in their own home. in a way i wouldn’t because i don’t really want to see anyone else naked when i change them…. just saying.

Student success statement

” Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grown flowers, or you can grow weeds.” – Anon


Personally i actually like this quote, its true. you can think bad or good and it’s all up to you. I think we all think bad and good sometimes, it just depends on the situation or scenario we are in. A few weeds never ruined a garden, the garden can still go on even if it has a few little weeds. It’s the same with our brains, it goes on whichever path we choose even if we have had some dark thoughts here and there.





What’s on your mind?

What’s on your mind?



Well I’m hungry and bored and honestly I don’t really want to be here. I guess I’m not happy or sad or mad or anything really, I’m just bored.  Out of pure genuine honesty i want to literally just do nothing this whole class period, of course i’m not going to but honestly i want to just sit here.