Health educator


Health educator

Duties and responsibilities:

Health educators provide information on health and health related issues. They can access health training needs and plan health education program. They may specialize according to specific health concerns, illnesses, or work or straining setting. Health educators may work as independent consultants or in health departments, community organizations, business, hospitals, schools, or government agencies. Health educators often:

  • Perform health training needs assessments.
  • Design and develop health education program.
  • Publish health education materials, information papers, and grant proposals.
  • Develop health education curriculum.
  • Teach health in public and private schools.
  • Average salary: $ 20,00-35,000

Educational Requirements:

Students should take college prepatory courses during high school.

Health educators have, as a minimum, a bachelor’s degree in health education. Many have master’s degrees. To be certified or licensed to teach health in public schools requires a master’s degree and successful completion of a written exam in many states.


I wouldn’t want to be one because it really isn’t what I’m interested in as a career.



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