Health Information specialist

Duties and responsibilities:


Health Information Specialists obtain, post, and analyze:  medical, workload, finance, and insurance data.  They ensure that this information is properly recorded and written  into medical records so practitioners can plan and evaluate health care provided to the patients.

Within this field there are:

  • Registred Record Administrators – Supervise Technicians and Specialists. And coordinate the various information management responsibilities
  • Accredited Record technicians- They ensure medical records are accurate, coordinate reimbursement, and maintain disease registries for research.
  • Certified coding Specialists- Assign and post correct diagnosis, procedure codes to records, and report codes to insurance companies.

Health info. specialists work in hospitals,  clinics, insurance companie, and physician offices.


$20,000 – $25,000  for Coding Specialists

$23,000 – $30,000  for Record Technicians

$30,000 – $40,000  for Record Administrators



Students in high school should take courses in business, info. management, science, math, and English.

Specialists –  Need a GED certificate or high school diploma. There is on job training for them. To be certified they need to pass an exam.

technicians-  Must earn an associate’s degree from an accredited college program or from the American Health Information Management Association Independent Study Program.   They must also  pass an examination.

Administrators-  must complete a bachelor’s degree program in the field and pass a certification examination.


I wouldn’t want this career because it isn’t of my interest.



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