Industrial Hygienist

Duties and Responsibilities:

Industrial hygienists evaluate health hazards, conduct health risk assessments, manage industrial or business health programs, and provide consultation.  They may be administrators, researchers, consultants or teachers.  Many work as part of an industrial or government team, although some have private practices.  Industrial hygienists often:

  • Collect samples and perform laboratory analyses.
  • Check worker exposure to radiation, vibrations, and noise.
  • Calibrate equipment.
  • Investigate possible health hazards.
  • Conduct epidemiological research.
  • Instruct employees on injury prevention techniques.

Salary:40,000-60,000 $


Students should take college preparatory classes in math, and science during high school.  In this career you usually need a Bachelor’s degree in occupational health and safety. Many jobs require certification and/or a Masters in a related field.






I wouldn’t mind this career, it’s alright. It has a pretty okay pay and well you try to keep employees safe from hazardous things.


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