Nuclear medicine technologist

Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Duties and Responsibilities:
Nuclear Medicine Technologists prepare and administer radiopharmaceuticals (radioactive substances) to detect and treat disease. They then position equipment over patients to make images. These pictures allow physicians to identify abnormal areas. This helps in diagnosing illness.
Nuclear medicine technologists explain these tests to the patients and administer radioactive doses by mouth or injection. They also perform laboratory tests on tissue samples. They must follow strict safety regulations due to the dangers of radiation effects to their bodies and organs.

Their work is performed in specialized hospital departments, clinics, or laboratories. Level of work performed varies depending upon level of training and education completed.

Average Salary: $28,000 – $42,000
Educational Requirements:
Students should take the most challenging science, math, and English courses available in high school.
Nuclear medicine technology training programs vary in length from one to four years. One year programs that lead to certification are offered by hospitals. Associate and bachelor degrees are offered in colleges and universities. Courses include training in safety, radiation procedures, physical science, effects of radiation to the body and organs, and computer techniques. Almost all states require licensing, and all technologists must meet federal standards for administering and using of radioactive materials.



I think its pretty cool to work with radioactive substances and it wouldn’t be so bad. The pay is alright.


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