occupational therapist

Duties and responsibilities:

These therapists aide patients who are mentally, emotionally, or physically disabled adjust to handicaps and regain abilities to perform daily living and self care skills. they work as a team with physicians, counselors, and physical therapists. They design therapy programs and work closely with patients to observe them, help them, and monitor their progress. the therapists also frequently design special equipment to aid patients and help with their therapy and they teach patients how to adjust to work and home life after becoming disabled by injury or illness. Most of them are employed at hospitals and many work at nursing homes.

salary: $26,000 – 45,000


Students who want to become occupational therapists should take the most challenging high school math, science, and English courses.

All states require require either a bachelor’s or master’s degree that includes clinical experience and succesful completion of a national examination to become a certified occupational therapist.


I think this wouldn’t be a bad job and it helps people re-cooperate themselves and it helps others deal with life and it helps them continue their lives.


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