” I will persist until i succeed.”
Og Mandino

A quote for life. overall never stop trying, never quit. Anything is possible if you keep trying to achieve it. We all want to give up sometimes but we can’t we just can’t give up. Nothing would happen if we all gave up on ourselves. In my case, i have bad grades but I’m never giving up. I’m going to raise my grades no matter what and i will do better. I can’t give up on my grades when im so close to graduating. I’m almost there so i have to try harder and work hard to raise myself from the gutters and i’m going to be the best i can be from now. I have seen my grades and i’m not proud of them and so i need to raise them to fulfill what i want to achieve in my classes. I have a fail in geometry, its hard for me but im not going to stop trying to get better and im going to have that F up to a C by the end of March. And im going to get this C up to an A. I’m going to persist until i succeed to reach my goals. I want better grades so i’m going to raise them and i have a goal so i’m not going to stop trying even after i succeed.



Duties and Responsibilities: Clinical perfusionists operate circulation equipment during medical situations when it is necessary to temporarily and artificially replace the patient’s circulatory or respiratory functions. This occurs during heart surgery and similar operations. Perfusionists also control the temperature of patients during surgery. Their duties include:
Operating heart-lung machines
Administering some types of anesthesia
Administering some types of medication

Salary: $ 50,000

Educational Requirements:
A high school diploma with a strong background in biology and chemistry is required to be accepted in perfusionist training programs. Admissions preference is given to students with college science work or experience in respiratory therapy and medical terminology.


I would enjoy this job because it seems cool.


“Nothing in the world can take the place of PERSISTENCE.

Talent- will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius- will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
Education- will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.
persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

President Calvin Coolidge
( 30th president)


It is smart to say such a thing. Anyone can be gifted at something but we need to work on it and never give up.

Patient Representative

Duties and Responsibilities:
Patient Representatives work for healthcare administrators to address the concerns and special needs of patients and their families. They evaluate patient satisfaction, investigate complaints, collect information about patient dissatisfaction, work with departments to resolve patient problems, and educate staff.
Patient representatives work in hospitals, nursing homes, other long-term care facilities, and in public health agencies.

Salary: $ 20,000 – 40,000

Educational Requirements: Take challenging courses in high school in business, science, math and English.

Patient & Nurse

I wouldn’t mind this job.


” Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.”

Matt Biondi

he kept going and kept trying to beat his scores. He shows us that we should never stop trying and we should never give up on our dreams and goals. Biondi displays perseverance and he faced his challenge and he worked hard to get better.


Osteopathic Physician D.O.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Osteopathic physicians use accepted methods of diagnosing and treating injuries and diseases. Although they practice in all branches of medicine and surgery like allopathic physicians (M.D.s), they differ by emphasizing the importance of the musculoskeletal system, holistic medicine, proper nutrition, and environmental factors in maintaining good health.

Salary: $110,000

Students should take the most challenging high school courses (including AP or IB courses) available in science, math, and English. After three or four years of college, prospective physicians must attend medical school. Undergraduate requirements for admission to all medical schools include one year of basic chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, one year of biology, and one year of physics.


Reflection: I would enjoy this job because of the things they do and the salary.


1. Can people trust me to do what’s right? I am trusted. 

2. Am i committed to doing my very best? Yup. 

3. Do i treat people the way i want to be treated? pretty much. 

If the answers to these questions are YES, there is no way you can fail.

Lou Holtz 

Many people will say yes to all of them. and its not true. In honesty people do trust me but sometimes the right thing to do isn’t always the best thing to do. I’m committed to doing my best because i know i can succeed but i do have moments when im lazy and don’t try. I do treat people the way i want to be treated but no ones going to treat you the way you want. Success has a lot to do with what kind of person you are but just cause you’re a good person and you choose the right, it doesn’t mean you are going to be any more successful then the guy sitting next to you. sometimes bad people end up successful in their careers too. Truthfully though, being a good person does make you successful because in life that’s all that matters really when you think about it. No one will remember your work and success, but they will remember how you were in daily life. 





“Never look to the ground for your next step. Greatness belongs to those who look to the horizon.”
Bud Greenspan

Greatness comes to those who look past the moment and into the future and into there goals. We need to think beyond our current state of being and we must look into the stars for our next step in the path of greatness.


Duties and responsibilities:
Orthotists work with patients that need extra support for their muscles, spine, or limbs. Both design, make, and fit apparatuses made of plastic, wood, leather, and metal that help stabilize, strengthen or replace body parts. They also make and fit devices that help to align limbs that have grown in a crooked manner. Both orthotists work closely with physicians. Physicians may give a patient a prescription for an orthotic or prosthetic device.

Salary: $25,000 – $40,000

Students should take challenging science, math, and English courses in high school.
Some colleges and universities offer bachelor degrees in orthotic and prosthetic programs. These programs include courses in anatomy, physics, mathematics, mechanical drawing, and the use of materials used in the making of devices. After a year of experience a person may apply for certification.

I don’t like the orthotist career i would prefer to be a therapist.


John F. Kennedy video

The video was on physical fitness and it showed different exercises they used to do. People also look a lot fitter and healthier then compared to now. They showed a few things we do today in our p.e. classes and they showed a few i had never seen people do.

To stay physically fit i can do exercise. there are many types of exercise so i can just choose one that best suits me. Im not much of a sporty person but i do enjoy running once in a while and i enjoy curl ups and bur-pees( they make me feel like a frog). I can refrain from doing tobacco and i could have healthier eating habits. This will help me be a more healthy person and it’ll be a very active lifestyle.