” I will persist until i succeed.”
Og Mandino

A quote for life. overall never stop trying, never quit. Anything is possible if you keep trying to achieve it. We all want to give up sometimes but we can’t we just can’t give up. Nothing would happen if we all gave up on ourselves. In my case, i have bad grades but I’m never giving up. I’m going to raise my grades no matter what and i will do better. I can’t give up on my grades when im so close to graduating. I’m almost there so i have to try harder and work hard to raise myself from the gutters and i’m going to be the best i can be from now. I have seen my grades and i’m not proud of them and so i need to raise them to fulfill what i want to achieve in my classes. I have a fail in geometry, its hard for me but im not going to stop trying to get better and im going to have that F up to a C by the end of March. And im going to get this C up to an A. I’m going to persist until i succeed to reach my goals. I want better grades so i’m going to raise them and i have a goal so i’m not going to stop trying even after i succeed.



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