“Your worth consists in what you are and not what you have.”
Thomas Edison, Inventor

No amount of material (money, success, career, etc.) will ever mean more than how you truly are. My aunt has a good job, but not a good heart. She is also a very pretty woman, but she is not pretty on the inside. She is shallow and doesn’t look after her kids. As you can tell, I’m not fond of her. My aunt is loved by many people, but usually it is due to her money and physical appearance, it has never been her true way of being. I know we should love our family, but i just can’t love a person who is as fake as a barbie doll. sometimes, she seems like a robot. Without feelings and sympathy. No amount of credentials and degrees in her job and no amount of money she makes will ever change how she is. It won’t make her any bit more human. No matter how many products she uses for her appearance, nothing will ever be enough to hide her emptiness. i feel sorry for her… she only cares about herself and her money and making others feel less than herself. What matters is what’s inside. What matters is who and how you truly are.


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