“Right is right, even if everyone is against it; and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”
William Penn

We can’t just follow what everyone does because there are times when what everyone is doing is wrong. Its good to not be a follower and its good to do your own thing for once, you know? Being a lonely bystander is actually better than being in some huge crowd. Because when you ar e alone your own thoughts are what shape you, not what others around you think. Nowadays society and people are going down some wrong paths and its hard to stay you and be the good person you feel and deep down know you are. Society influences us a lot. Though, what i don’t understand is why we all follow and why society spends most of their time being wrong. If others were good we would be too. Since when was it “cool” to do drugs and have sex? Since when was it “cool” to do bad things? Imagine if it was “cool” to be nice and polite and to be just people, who don’t use violence or weapons and instead live off of the good things in life. Would we actually be better people? Or would we become just as bad as now because its too mainstream to be good?


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