~Student success statement~

Regarding successful living:

“There is no giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.”

We don’t lose many pounds with just one hour of exercise, we lose it with many weekly hours of exercises. We don’t get our grades up with just one assignment, but with various assignments we do. We don’t get good at something with just one practice, but with many practices. Everything takes times and everything takes one step at time processes. We do and do and do until it becomes something; until we become something. If we want to be a well payed lawyer, and you go to school and study and then you get clients because you’re good and then you get even more clients, then suddenly you’re a well-known successful lawyer. We come to be what we put in and work for. Success isn’t achieved in one day or night, but with several days and nights. We take small steps in order to achieve the possible. We learned to walk, when we were just infants we started to move and to crawl, then we grew older and we started to walk, and then we started to run. Its the same with every situation and scenario that involves succeeding at some task and accomplishing goals.





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