Respiratory Therapy Assistant

Respiratory Therapy Assistant 
Responsibility and duties ; 
A  Respiratory therapy  assistant responsibility is to restore patients pulmonary function , help patients  with pain , plans and administrates medical prescription for patients and therapy .Part of their duties is to assist patients with their needs that provide care with pulmonary examination. They are to confirm a patient respiratory treatment and information  to physicians .They are also to evaluate patients progress in their
 treatment .
Average salary ; $55,870
Education ;
A associates degree is needed , some only have a bachelors degree . Respiratory therapy assistants are also required to be licensed in all states except in Alaska , requirements vary with in states . 
Reflection : 
In this career it sounds like it is very interesting , yet it is a field that i preferably wouldn’t really enjoy doing . It is something that i am  not interested in doing. 

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