” Manners maketh man.”

William of Wykeham

We are what we are due to our actions, socitey and lives. We have all gone through things in life and we all coped and dealt with them in different ways with different reactions and consequences. If you live a sad negative life, you can become a pessimist. If your life is happy you will be optimistic and a complete ray of sunshine. Same with our goals, if we were work for them and try we will accomplish them. We can accomplish anything; good or bad. Some of us want nothing more than to be happy in this life, and we try to stay happy. but sometimes its hard to be happy, because its hard to find happiness. Sometimes its hard to succeed at things when everything gets too hard for you, but you can’t give up on these things. We keep going, striving to do more with ourselves. As mortals of a world with bad and good around every corner, we make decisions  at times that we don’t think are just and are immorally wrong but we do them. In successful people, you see a lot of their good days, but you don’t see their many many bad days. Success wasn’t accomplished over night or in an hour or week or month or year or even decades. Manners maketh man. Man becomes what he/she is due to the manners that make them who they are.


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