25 Acts of Kindness

  1. Donating to people in need
  2. Giving food to the hungry
  3. Volunteering
  4. Helping others
  5. Being an organ donor
  6. Helping the environment
  7. Letting a pregnant woman, or elder take your seat in a bus, train, etc.
  8. Letting others go before you at a stop sign crossing
  9. Letting pedestrians walk before you, even if you were there first
  10. If a person drops something, you can pick it up for them
  11. Open a door for someone
  12. Help someone when they’re being bullied
  13. Tutoring another student to help them get better
  14. taking care of a person when they are sick and weak
  15. Being there for someone when they need you most
  16. Encouraging others
  17. Paying for another when they’re short on cash
  18. helping a person in a crisis, such as giving them cpr, or rescuining them from drowning or choking
  19. Making people feel happy with compliments, and kindness and encouragement and respect and honesty
  20. being friendly to a random stranger or people you know
  21. help someone cope through an issue like divorce or a miscarrage
  22. Giving blankets and clothes and food to a homeless family
  23. Buying a meal for a homeless citizen
  24. putting others before yourself
  25. Giving others hope and guidance and advice and kindness when they need it most
  26. kind-words-quote-pictures-sayings-good-life-quotes-pics



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