” Kindness is the essence of greatness.”

Joseph B. Wirthlin


To rise to the standards of greatness you must be kind within. A good heart can beat a good mind and money everyday. When you’re kind, you’re kindnes doesnt only affect others it affects you and your soul. Kindness is something we show from our heart and its shown through actions we do. I’ve seen people be so kind to others and do great things and it makes me think highly of those people. For instance Mr. haymore, students do bother him but he remains patient and kind and doesnt lose his cool. That has to be why he is one of the most kindest teachers here. Kindness is spread from one person to another and it can be spread from anyone to anybody. Like a cure for the disease of hate and rudeness. We humans heal ourselves with kindness and love. Its what makes us humans and not robots. Kindness is how we show appreciation, respect, help, love, loyalty. i am kind to my friends because i genuinely love them, and i respect them and who they are, and i help them whenever theyneed a hand because they do so for me. I show kindness to my mother for all the love and kindness she has given me throughtout life and i give kindness to my brother for all the kindness he shows with me. Its a gift really. Kindness is an invisible gift we give to each other and we accept it with happiness and give it with happiness.





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