Integrity Within

Abraham Lincoln promised his mother he would never smoke tobacco or drink whiskey and he never did. In the car ride with the colonel, he explained to him why he never does and why he has always kept his promise. The colonel inspired with Lincoln’s answer accepted his rejection to not smoke or drink with him.


Lincoln never broke his promise to his mother and it means so much more than promise. Anyone can promise something but it takes a person with integrity to do what she/he says she/he will do or won’t do. Its something we really have within us. I myself have made promises to my brother and to people and i have not ever broken them. I promised my mom that I would always pray before i sleep and i do every night i pray and thank god for all he has given me. A promise is something we mean all the time, its anever ending promise just because a person leaves us doesn’t mean we change our promise to that person. A promise is a promise no matter what adn you can’t break a promise.





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