“You can’t hire someone else to do your pushups for you.” – Jim Rohn


You cant pay someone to deal with your problems and you cant hire a person to make your decisions for you either. You cant hire someone to eat for you or to learn for. You cant pay a person to go and take your shots for you. if someoen else were tot ake your vacccines for you, then you won’t receive the antibiotic they will. When i was little i used to ask my mom if she could tke my shots for me because i was afraid of needles. She told me that my fear for shots won’t go away unless i deal with them. No one can overcome your fears for you. If you are afraid of the dark, telling your best friend to not be afraid of the dark won’t make you any bit less afraid then you were before. We come in contact with adversity and problems and we deal with them because no one will deal with them for us and we overcome adversity by ourselves for ourselves. What we wish to acccomplish, we must accomplish ourselves. Image



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