” He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”

A proverb


My grandma says that you can tell how and who a person is depending on their friends. Its true you are just like the crowd you hang out with. Smart people hang out with smart people. Jocks hang out with jocks. Thats how it is. But i have my two best friends who have so many differences between each other and me. We are all so different and you really can’t put a label on us as a whole. I believe individually we would get some stereoptypical label but in a group and in unison i don’t see how they can find a precise word to describe what we come off as. Although, one thing is true about all of us. That no matter what, we aren’t bad people. We aren’t bullies or mean snickering people who tell lies to others and cheat them daily. We are good hearted and that’s why we are friends i believe because we aren’t bad, in fact deep down we are actually caring and sympathetic people. We are human i suppose.


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