Attitude.. our way of acting and reacting towards other or things. it is our behavior. For example some of us are pessimists and negative about life while others are optimists and have a positive outlook. Our attitude changes every situation. The way we respond to what someone tells us determines their reply. If you hear bad news and you are devastated and you look upset or cry the other person will usually try to comfort you. If we hear good news and you are overjoyed, the other person speaking to you will notice and will continue to talk of the matter. Our attitude towards things makes a huge difference on what kind of people we are as well. For example some students have poor attitudes and hate school and homework, others have good attitdue to it and love coming to learn. Our attitude makes us like or dislike something, it changes with our body language and expressions. Intention and attitude make abig difference in how much yougain or lose in any situation.

List of good attitudes:

  • being hopeful
  • having kindness
  • caring
  • being positive and optimistic


List of bad attitude:

  • angry and hostile
  • depressive and pessimistic
  • unfair
  • rude behavior



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