“Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush. It can color any situation.” – Anonymous

Our attitude can change and alter a moment. Okay imagine. You are at school, walking in the hallway and you trip on your shoelace and you slip. You got a few options on how you can react to this while a bunch of people await your response. 1) Get up, walk away, and pretend it didn’t happen. 2) Laugh it off and get up. 3) Yell at the people laughing at you and get mad and embarrassed. You see the way you react will determine the outcome of the fall. If you get up and yell at everybody about it, they’ll probably just get mad and make fun of you and you’ll be all embarrassed all day. If you get up and walk away, that’s it moment over and no one really cared too much anyway. If you laugh at it, people notice that you’re okay and that you yourself found your slip up funny and that’s it no embarrassment because you accepted the situation. Another situation, you see a person being bullied. 1) You go and kick the bully’s butt. 2) You walk away. 3) You go for help and make sure the victim is okay. The way you react can help or hurt that person.



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