“Whenobedience becomes our goal, it is no longer an irritation; instead of a stumbling block, it becomes a building block. ”

James E. Faust

Obedience is folowing the rules of your own moral values. I vow to always committ to being a good person and to never break my vow of obedience. I will follow the rules set upon me and i will strive to help others follow as well. Obedience is learning when to do and when to not do something. obedience is our right from wrong voice. I will listen to my conscience and i will not do what i know ii shouldn’t. And whenever i feel that feeling in my gut to do wrong, i will do right until the feeling goes away. To be honest i have learned a lot this year about following and being obedient. I learned that rules are set for a reason, and that they aren’t broken because they are not supposed to be. I learned that obedience doesn’t mean letting yourself get pushed around by the orders of others, but that obedience is within us and it is following our own set of rules. It made me evaluate and analyze my ideals and thoughts. I noticed that when i say i will be committed i am committed because i vow to be. I learned that following the rules  is much more useful than not.


Plastic Surgeon

duties and responsibilities:

Plastic surgeons are also called reconstructive surgeons. These doctors typically deal with reconstruction, repairing, or replacing various parts of the body


$ 340,000 a year is the median pay


Bachelor’s degree and medical school. A licensing exam is given. Certification is given.


I would like this job because it does pay well and i believe i could do it. They also get paid time off, social security, and pension.


” Obedience is the great test of life.”

Thomas S. Monson


When we are asked to obey something it is a test for ourselves. You see, if we pass it is because we obeyed and if we do not, it is because we chose to disobey. It is a test of our self character and judgment. No one has a say in whether we obey or do not, it is by free will. This defies us for how we are. Obedient people or disobedient beings. Every time we are asked to not do something and we are tempted to do it , that is our obedience test. Go against the rules and suffer the consequences or obey and receive the benefits.

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duties and responsibilities: a physician that specializes in neurology. they diagnose and treat diseases and conditions of the brain and nervous system. They treat epilepsy, migranes, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, and more.

salary: $ 281,616 a year

education: High school diploma. 4 year undergraduate degree. 4 year medical degree. 3 years of residency training in neurology.

Reflection:I would not like this career due to it being stressful and hard to deal with very sick patients. But i do because i would enjoy working with the brain.


“Obedience sums up our entire duty”

Hosea Ballou

When we obey orders our deed is done and fullfilled. In a religious way, when we do what god asks of us, we then fullfill our duties as his children on earth. When we do not we are not fullfilling ourselves or our duty. When we obey and do what is asked from us from our parents we do our duty and we feel much better and they are happy because of it so they are happy with us. There’s a whole lot less problems when you just listen to your parents.




Eastern Medicine Doctor

Duties and responsibilities:

Basically chinese medicine. It uses a broad range of practices and it involves the usage of herbs, acupuncture, massage, exercise, and therapy.

Salary: varies on job in the field and its location of employment

Education:depends on career, some take more than others.


I would like to use herbs and acupuncture in medicine. i enjoy the way these work using the yin yang concept they use and the five phases.



” The more obedient we are, the more freedom we have.”

Boyde K. Packer


If we listen to our parents more we have more freedom in our lives. When we obey they give us respect and trust and they let us be more free. I know that when i do what i am told htere is much benefits and my mom lets me do more than usual. I am obedient for the most part with my mom and that’s why i have liberty to go out and do things. My brother is not obedient at all and has little reedom.