” I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.”



During a game of bowling my score had messed up in the machine and gave me extra points. Throughout the game i felt dishonest and it wa unfair for me to have those points. So i went and told the manin charge to fix my score to its actual scoring. It did lower my score and i did lose. But i won inside because i felt no guilt over the score and it was easier for me to play fair then to be reminded of the unfair scoring. I didn’t mind losing at all because it was what i deserved and i was okay iwth the true score because it was what i rightfully earned. Be just and honest in your things. Otherwise you are not only lying to others but to yourself and your own mind. Be honest because that honesty within is what gives you honor. The honor of losing fairly means more than the dishonor of winning with lies. images


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