” Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway.”

Chae richardson

Soldiers are afraid to fight in the army and require courage to go into battle and fight for their nation and for the lives of all the pople here. We use courage to do things most people can’t and we use it to survive in our life. We are afraid of things in life but there comes a point where you can no longer be afraid of things and you have to get up and face your fears straight out. Fears are fears, until courage makes them a victory conquered. We can’t be scared forever. We are afraid to fight demons who are much stronger than we ourselves ar but we fight not just for ourselves but for the people we care about and value. Everything accomplished takes courage. Courage is something we all have and it is a part of being human, and being alive. We live and breathe and try harder and harder pushing th elimits of the human race further to see what is possible, Anything becomes possible with courage by our side.




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