Top 5 Heart Health Tips

  1. Healthy Diet
  2. Avoid Smoking
  3. Active Lifestyle
  4. Maintaining a healthy body weight
  5. Reduce your stress


I’m going to exercise more. Running will be done several nights a week at a park nearby my home. During summer i will be running everyday from 5 to 7pm. I also want to do a lot more walking; creates less pollution and well its better for you and everyone including the planet. I want to fix my diet and cut out all the nasty junk us teens eat such as chips and soda. I want to eat more vegetables like asparagus and avocado and brocolli. I want to limit my eating of tortillas because two tortillas are 100 calories and have no nutritional value to your body. I want to limit pasta being ate in my house and corn due to it having little nutrition. I want to try to eat really nutritional fruits. I want to go no where near any drugs of course they are horrible for our bodies.



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