Harmful effects and consequences of drug abuse

  1. Destroy yourself
  2. hurt others around you
  3. you become someone else
  4. you lose all you have
  5. you can go to prison
  6. you can lose loved ones while in prison
  7. you can become severely addicted
  8. you blame others
  9. you lose out on everything around you
  10. you waste your time
  11. you let an addiction control you

Drugs are the worst thing a person can do to themselves internally with a substance.  they not only affect your lives but also the people around you. Drugs only control you. Instead of using them, they’re using you. You won’t be the same after you do drugs and it will change everything for you. Your life, family and friends. People who trust and had hopes in you lose it. You lose the love and respect and care you have. The cost for this? prison. You can lose loved ones and you could lose everything you love and care for. When you are on drugs you aren’t you anymore you become someone you never thought you could be. who is to blame? you and your own actions in life. You control ourself. But always know you can heal and recover from your addiction and abuse. Dont drugs and live a better life.






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