“Whenobedience becomes our goal, it is no longer an irritation; instead of a stumbling block, it becomes a building block. ”

James E. Faust

Obedience is folowing the rules of your own moral values. I vow to always committ to being a good person and to never break my vow of obedience. I will follow the rules set upon me and i will strive to help others follow as well. Obedience is learning when to do and when to not do something. obedience is our right from wrong voice. I will listen to my conscience and i will not do what i know ii shouldn’t. And whenever i feel that feeling in my gut to do wrong, i will do right until the feeling goes away. To be honest i have learned a lot this year about following and being obedient. I learned that rules are set for a reason, and that they aren’t broken because they are not supposed to be. I learned that obedience doesn’t mean letting yourself get pushed around by the orders of others, but that obedience is within us and it is following our own set of rules. It made me evaluate and analyze my ideals and thoughts. I noticed that when i say i will be committed i am committed because i vow to be. I learned that following the rules  is much more useful than not.



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