Class Reflection!!!! ~\-_-\~

  1. What did you like best about this class?
  2. What did you dislike about this class?
  3. What can you recommend to improve the class?
  4. What will you always remember about this class?


  1. I liked the projects and presentations. My favorite had to be the recording were lupita and andre and vic and other friends and me got to rap. I liked how we got to read quotes that inspired us and helped us throughout our hardships this year. I enjoyed how we had a book of goals and how it was amazing to see what we could accomplish in this semester alone. I liked being able to have my own blog and editing and posting things i want to write about.
  2. I disliked the vague and daily career posts. I wish we could get variety on what we post; the same routine everyday gets boring. i disliked how students disrupted the class and everyone else had to suffer consequences from their actions. I disliked that something were a bit boring for us. I didn’t like it that we didn’t learn as many programs or sites as i would’ve liked.
  3. I say better writing topics and maybe quotes from popular people today. Most of us like writing with opinion and love to  here what famous actors and people today say. The media does influence us. I wish we could have more free time like “Free-Time Fridays” or something. I think we should be able to ave a few free writes every once ina while. I think we should get moved seats with people we don’t know because it expands our social circle a lot and puts us out there.
  4. I will always remember the advice i got from quotes we read and how they got me to think. I will always remember the projects and presentations we did as groups.



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