Personal Development Quote

“A man without goal is like a ship without a rudder.”

Thomas Carlyle

An attribute within this quote is determination.

A man without a goal is not determined. Determination is what motivates someone to go for their goals. Propose you had a goal but had no determination, you would not accomplish anything. Same as having a boat and not being able to navigate or move the boat. It is pointless. The boat would then in result never move, and in effect neither would you as a person. You have to know what it is you want in life, before you can decide what you do. You can be really determined and have nothing to be determined about, so all that enthusiasm goes to waste. This quote can relate to my goals as a person, because i am determined and i know what my goals in life are. I want a good career, that pays at least a little higher than average where i can choose my days off, this is why i go to school. I want a spacious house for my family and mother to live in, this is why i save my money from work. I do not want to struggle or be lazy, this is why i work. I do what i do to be closer to what i seek to achieve.  Sometimes things are hard and goals seem far from achievable but it is that drive for our passion and strong determination that pushes us forward.


Life goals

  1. Write a book/novel
  2. Travel to Italy
  3. Sky dive
  4. Cabin in the snow
  5. Throw a new years eve party
  6. Graduation 2016
  7. Learn Greek Mythology
  8. Learn about my own heritage
  9. Speak another language other than Spanish and English
  10. Meet and be friend someone from another country overseas.
  11. Create a mixtape of all the iconic songs of my childhood
  12. Make a mural of tiles on a wall (mosaic)
  13. Create a sculpture over five feet tall
  14. Create something out of pottery
  15. Paint a glass window
  16. Create a gingerbread mansion
  17. Start an organization that funds to help those in need, particularly for children
  18. Write a children’s book for parents to read together
  19. Volunteer at a animal shelter
  20. Adopt a pet of any species
  21. Touch a baby duckling
  22. Build Mechanical wings
  23. Visit legends/ stories or place where these stories are based.



Assertiveness is defined as confidently aggressive, or self assured. Aggressively confident often sounds like a rather bad tone of being, but truthfully it isn’t. Being assertive opens more opportunities than being shy could ever offer. It shows you know what you desire to achieve and your determination to achieve it. What you will allow is what will continue. If you are assertive and say no then it all stops there, but if you are overly passive about something you do not like or are not comfortable with then the situation or thing bothering you is probable to reoccur several more times until you erupt and stop it. Being assertive is sometimes seen as mean or rude, but somethings need to be said and if they are not said then they continue. Say your neighbor keeps parking in your driveway and you need to go out, but often can not due to this then being assertive with them is often the answer. if you go and ask them politely but firmly if they could stop parking there then they will have no choice but to listen to your demands.





The quality or state of being accountable or responsible; especially :  an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. Accountability is displayed in many scenarios. For example, coming to school on time, doing your share of work in a group assignment, remembering to feed your dog because it is your duty. Accountability is being responsible for your own actions or work.


“Accountability turns pain into peace” By Amy Larson

Being responsible can change the outcome of a given situation. A scenario to consider: Propose you are a member of a group and each individual is responsible for their part of the power-point. If too many of the group members show up on presentation day without finished slides, it is chaos. Then if everyone brings their given task completed before hand, things run smoothly. Accountability turns pain into peace. Going in on time to work or school is being responsible as well as it  keeps things at peace. Say you do not show up early or on time, you come to suffer consequences.