Personal Development Quote

“A man without goal is like a ship without a rudder.”

Thomas Carlyle

An attribute within this quote is determination.

A man without a goal is not determined. Determination is what motivates someone to go for their goals. Propose you had a goal but had no determination, you would not accomplish anything. Same as having a boat and not being able to navigate or move the boat. It is pointless. The boat would then in result never move, and in effect neither would you as a person. You have to know what it is you want in life, before you can decide what you do. You can be really determined and have nothing to be determined about, so all that enthusiasm goes to waste. This quote can relate to my goals as a person, because i am determined and i know what my goals in life are. I want a good career, that pays at least a little higher than average where i can choose my days off, this is why i go to school. I want a spacious house for my family and mother to live in, this is why i save my money from work. I do not want to struggle or be lazy, this is why i work. I do what i do to be closer to what i seek to achieve.  Sometimes things are hard and goals seem far from achievable but it is that drive for our passion and strong determination that pushes us forward.


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