Decisions Determine Destiny – Thomas S. Monson

“Decisions Determine Destiny” by Thomas S. Monson states that every decision we make changes our fate and outcome. Every single action, or word spoken can alter life. For example, not brushing your teeth results in teeth problems in the future and washing your hands daily betters your hygiene and removes bacteria. Ever word is power. I can give you a compliment to brighten your day or ruin it with words of hate. Every single little minuscule significant or insignificant  moment counts. I can be healthy and live up to 89 years old or die today in a car accident. The term, “You only live once,” a phrase better understood and used for good. This statement of decisions and destiny envelops various personal attributes for a person to have, Such as kindness, understanding, responsibility, courage, and manners in a sense.

Courage brings us to create and move  the world further into the future. Courage to do more, to try, to fight, to believe in something other than just you. Many decisions in life require courage to even consider deciding. To be courageous, to lack fear, to resent the idea of giving up or never trying to accomplish the impossible or rare or new. Courage is simple. It does not have to mean the trait of a soldier going to war, or the courage to skydive. Courage can be trying new opportunities such as a job or club or organization. Venturing the unknown territory that bewilders man. I have courage trying a new fruit, i have courage taking a test, courage is everywhere. Say you never got bravery to try something new, who would you even be right now, where would you be? Exactly, you took the courage inside you and you grew to be you, and that’s pretty uplifting.


I have the courage to accomplish my goals, do you?


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