September 11, Destruction

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“I was staying in the Millennium Hilton Hotel, directly across the road from the twin towers on Church Street. I was standing at the window taking photos of the view when I heard the sound of the plane approaching. It seemed normal at first until in a few split seconds it turned into a roar, followed by a massive explosion. I’m sure as I can be that whoever was flying that jet put it in full throttle just before it hit, as the screech sounded just like when a plane is taking off.

I’m sure as I can be that whoever was flying that jet put it in full throttle just before it hit, as the screech sounded just like when a plane is taking off.


I watched at the window while the enormity of the disaster began to unfold, watched as we realised people were trapped on the floors above the explosion, as fire and police rescuers streamed into the building.

People were throwing whatever they could out of the windows – tables, water coolers etc. – to break the glass and get air. I could see them hanging out of windows, then to my horror I realised people were beginning to jump to their death rather than being burned alive. What a terrible choice to have to make. And there was nothing I, or as it turned out, anyone else, could do to help.

I saw what I’m pretty sure was a policeman killed by a person who fell on him.” Penny, witness, spoke to ABC news in an article published telling her story of the horror she witnessed. Link To Penny’s Account on 9/11

“Moises Rivas, 29, a chef at the Windows On The World restaurant on the 106th floor desperately tried to reach his wife – but she was out doing the laundry.

‘Tell her I’m OK,’ he quietly told his stepdaughter. ‘Tell her I love her no matter what.’

It was the last call he would ever make.” Link to 9/11 Accounts from victims and people inside Twin Tower

No one who showed up that day expected to die. It’s insane how life is unfortunately unexpected. Any person today can face the same realization. We all die. Depressing, but true. We could all go through a disaster such as this and we can all die in accidents or health. It shows how valuable life is to us and how much we don’t use it to it’s fullest capacity. Some of those who died perhaps got into arguments prior leaving their spouses without any goodbyes or i love yous. Imagine losing a father fighting the fire of the buildings, losing a daughter walking down that street, losing a mother as secretary in an office. tell them that you love them before it is to late.


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