Optimism – personal development attribute

Optimism 🙂

Optimism is having hope. Optimism is being enthusiastic about the future or life itself. Optimism is finding happiness in dark situations. Optimism is seeing the better side of an unfortunate event. Optimism is being strong. Optimism is a backup weapon in the face of unbeatable battle.It becomes the dagger in your side utility belt in a zombie apocalypse. Optimism can be being positive, but it is not limited to a smile or being happy. Optimism can be used in so many areas of life whether in losing scenarios, or winning. No one ever really notices when they’re happy or when they’re being optimistic . Sometimes it’s the little, “i know things are bad, and they could get worse, but at least I’m not at the worst yet,” or when things are at it’s worse, “it’s only temporary.” That is hope. That is strength. That is you saying, life still hasn’t beat you. It’s proving that the fight isn’t over, and you aren’t easily beaten. Optimism is a trait to have forever, because with that power you can not lose. Optimism is a survival kit equipped with a spray can of ,” I believe I can,” a gauze of,  “I’m not finished,” and cookie flavored with, ” i still have hope.” optimism-quotes technically-the-glass-is-always-full-quote-1 images (1) Optimism-Quotes-5 download optimism-quote


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