The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause.

Duty. Responsibility. Loyalty. 

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We must know that commitment is hard, you have to persevere and keep your chin up. For example, marching band. It is not as easy as it seems. We play, dance, smile, remember notes,must have 2.0 GPA or better, we do physical exercise as punishment, we have long practice in uncomfortable weather, remember positions, remember steps, march, and wear these heavy bulky uniforms. Under all the loud fun musics, and the happy smiles, we sweat, we run laps as discipline, we practice daily, we have practices on weekends, we play all the time. We play in the heat, in the rain, when our fingers are numb and we are cold in December, we play all the time. We have personal issues sometimes and extra school work on us but we manage.  Commitment. We love music, simple. We play because we love it. We play because we can. We play because we change the game. When the cheer leaders’s voices are hoarse and flips are out of the question, we play. The football kickoff, we play. The touchdown, we play. Halftime, we play. Winning or losing, we play. We go to practice, and practice hard, and memorize and don’t complain. This is commitment. Late to practice? Missed a note? Profanity used? 10 Push ups on the spot. We aren’t just playing because it was god given talent, no, we are committed. There are days were we play bad, real bad, and it does not discourage us any bit. We are committed to the music.

+Marquez Marching Band+



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