6 Attitudes of High Achievers

 By John R. Noe
  1. Make No Small Plans

If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough. Think huge, think ginormous, dinosaur sized thoughts. Think thoughts that are so grand they burst through the limit of the common box, Let them become stars in the solar system. Don’t plan for the now, plan for the later and do for the now, for you see, now is the preset, later is what becomes of our present. High achievers look beyond the common day dilemma, they don’t see the calendar, they learn to see the goals on them. This applies to so many things. For example, the common person has most likely seen the before and after photos of a person who lost weight and achieved their goal. They post the dates right under the photos, and notice the big space in between dates, some are years, and all are months. Nothing happened in a week, not even two. They happened in months. I bring this to mind because those people never thought small. They thought okay, I’m going to be healthy, here’s the plan. Meal plans, exercise, changing unhealthy habits, all for the future. To achieve goals we must plan ahead and work hard. Big things never came from small work. By focusing on what you want to achieve anything is possible.

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2. Do what they fear

You must learn to face your fears. A key to accomplishing the impossible is to do what seemed impossible and make it possible. Fears are frightening,but learning to deal with the fears, frightens the fears. So i say, chill or be chilled. Make your fears fear you. Destroy what destroys you. Facing your fears opens opportunities.


In psychology coming into contact with your fears is called exposure. The process of facing your fears in an effective, systematic way is called exposure therapy. I’ll start by describing the main principles behind it. However, applying these ideas is a little messier when it comes to social fears. I’ll explain why later, but first I’ll lay out the basic concepts.

Why it’s important to face your fears!


3. Are willing to prepare

4. Are willing to risk failure

5. Are teachable

High achievers work hard, and have the desire to learn and so they learn. To fully grasp a concept or understand, one must be willing to work towards understanding. Being taught requires accepting the lesson taught. As they say you can give an animal water for thirst, but you can not make it drink it. Success in life, is not measured by where you are but how you got there. No one can make you feel or think things that you can’t feel. You cannot be taught what you don’t want to know.

Being teachable and humble is not about competency or mental ability; it is all about a thirst and an appreciation for knowledge. St. Augustine once said: “Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. Are you planning a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.” When I meet someone who is teachable they are self-effacing, they listen well, acknowledge their errors and fix them, continually seek more knowledge, and surround themselves with seasoned educators. – Excerpt from Forbes.com, written by Alan Hall Link to site and article

Definition of teachable Teachable means willing to learn or be taught.

Learning is so important because there is so much out there. It makes life fuller. When learning is mentioned one reflects and imagines books and numbers, but learning is accepting knowledge, all knowledge. Understanding the tutorial of a video game is learning, following a new recipe is learning, looking at a video step by step process of origami or even a makeup tutorial is learning. When someone says i hate learning, it is not learning they hate, but the subject they dislike. For example my younger brother Danny, he loves math, and does it freely and happily when assigned, but he struggles in English. He struggles only because he creates that barrier of being unteachable, of not wanting to learn. I notice that when i am reluctant to grasp something, i do not learn it. So to make it easier for me, i learned to accept the information and welcome it. When you fight something, you can’t expect it to not fight back.  Open your heart, mind, and senses to something and it will never leave you.

6. Have heart

Have compassion and sympathy for the common good. Heart means having passion and bringing life to things. High achievers achieve highly due to their goals being pure and high and with good intent. Use what you have for the common good. If you have and achieve success, use that success to not only better your world but to better those in the whole world. For example, a millionaire who gets thousands a day and instead of falling to greed can help those around them. Ill people are dying due to high cost of medicine, families are on the streets, elderly people care has gone down, natural disaster destruction can’t be helped due to low funding, people are starving, wars are springing up over money debate and financial difficulty. Nowadays all this world needs is a helping hand from mankind. Instead of focusing on the money, focus on integrity. Money has power because man gives it power. It’s paper. Paper burns, rips, is lost, crumbles, fades when wet, paper is nothing but paper. Money is paper. Paper comes from trees. The absolute saddest part of this, the sickest part, is that we value money so much but don’t realize the trees killed from the paper, the families lost for it, the murders committed wanting it, we are so blinded by the diamond encrusted gold watch shine, that we don’t see the real part of life. What would happen if currency no longer had use? If inflation happened, if all economies crashed? We can give money to the world, we know that. But that would make money useless. See, money is nothing but debt and trust and false flash of desires. At the end of the day, what did you do to help the world? What did you do to help humanity?

Psychological meaning of having heart

Having heart Article on Survival

High achievers achieve highly from their thoughts and morals and plans, not only actions. Each thing you do reflects upon were you are. If you have many friends and loved ones, it is because you were kind and friendly and generous. If you are a superhero saving lives then it is because you stood for justice. No one is where they are without reason. You are where you are due to what you were and what you went through. Make no small plans and keep your hopes high. As they say, shoot for the moon and if you dont succeed you still land among the stars. Do what they fear. Sometimes people aren’t born strong or courageous. Sometimes they become strong when strong is all they have left. Sometimes they are brave when bravery is there only option. Never being afraid to challenge the odds against you, because once you challenge the impossible, anything is possible. Practice doesn’t just make perfect, it makes permanent. Preparation is key to any strategy. Being prepared for life and life’s untimely obstacles. Expect the unexpected. You could do so much if you plan more than the normal. For an exam for example, say you only study the study guide and not notes, you’re in a pickle if the teacher puts questions outside of the guide. But if you notice all the information needed to pass the entire topic, you need not be afraid of any exam. Failure is inevitable. We all fail. The greatest were never always great. To know what triumph is, we must understand defeat. Never be afraid to lose or to fail because each fail adds up to a win. For example, in the video game injustice, i could never defeat sinestro as a battle withing the story mode of the game. So i tried and tried, relentllessly to defeat him and after a good period of training tutorials and batlles i won. I did not give up on my goal to win. I died about 7 times or so, before i won. Teachable. You must be willing to learn to grow. No plant ever grew from not drinking water. The product is wisdom, the manufacturing is where the knowledge is made. Have a heart. The most important of all the rules within achieving highly. What good is success without anyone to share it with?