1. I liked the coding work, and focusing on html. I really enjoyed these projects and the Scratch programming was very insightful and gave a brand new idea  for us to focus on. The way we got to create things was great for allowing us to express ourselves.
  2. This class was great, i can’t think of any dislikes with this course.
  3. Maybe more quotes should be incorporated from modern famous people, this way we students could relate and understand more. More free writing posts should be given to allow for expression. The goals journals should be allowed to be any kind of journal, maybe even pocket-sized, to allow for portable goals, and reading.
  4. A highlight of this class had to be the gem quotes, they were inspiring and motivating. It helped to form our computer skills and our minds.
  5. I tried to do my best in this class, noting how difficult this year was for me. So much, happened in my personal life, and at times it was difficult to cope with school as well. I gave what i could and tried the most i was able to.
  6. My goals journal has helped me be more confident and has allowed me to accomplish more than i ever have in my entire life. For this i am thankful because it helped keep me on track with my goals, and i achieved them. I read them in the morning and at night to note what i accomplished or would accomplish within that day. It’s funny because my younger brother always questions why i read my homework over and over again, i just explain how it isn’t homework at all, and how it is actually something i enjoy doing it.
  7. I want to be Ctr person because i’ve always wanted to stand for good and to do good with everything that i can do. I believe in superheroes and this counts, it saves people. I want to make a positive difference in the world and this is a start to making good.
  8. I will pass forward the leadership skills i learned and pass forward all the quotes that inspired me.
  9. I will always remember what i learned here and how this class helped me grow.








CTR stands for choose the right, in this phrase: choosing the right. Choosing the right, is more than just a direction in which to travel, a goal, and mindset. It means choosing good, it means choosing what is right above what is wrong. Over these last four years, our wonderful educator listed above, has given this advice to the generations that have entered his computer lab. Whether we take it or not, he is right. Each person has the option to be good, to do justice, and to be more than just the common individual. Choosing the right is like being a superhero. You do good for others and yourself, fighting for justice and good in dark times.  I believe that when you adopt this ideal you put on your own superhero cape. The ideal cloaks you, and protects you from the bad of the world. The first time i heard this phrase i was in ninth grade, my freshmen year, to me, it could have just been any quote on the wall, but it was an entire universe of quotes in one. Mr. Haymore please keep believing in the good in people, and  please keep inspiring young minds. Without you none of us would be the same. With this quote, our senior class, and myself, grew. We grew with the idea that this was what was right. The advice given was much more than a simple computer lesson, these were life lessons. With these we came to believe in more.