How the internet works~~~~~

The internet is a series of connections on a web, for example a spider web is vast and has many connections. This is why the siites are called websites, because they are points on the web. Like a web the spider’s design is detailed and intricate, blocking certain connections from others. This is the same way that certain software programs, sites, and coding does not allow certain attachments or other hacks from going into it. The internet was developed as a tangible physical system made to move information. This information was meant to connect the globe, to connect past, present, and future together. This is how we can research the past, view news of the present, and search the production of future inventions. We have social media to connect the masses with communication, photos, videos, and voice recording. We have the global entertainment center in one small portable device that is linked to everything and anything posted on the web. The internet was made to span the globe, and this is only possible with fiber-optic wires. These wires carry the connections underground and underseas to reach the rest of the globe. it does this by sending bits across the frame. a bit is any pair of opposites such as On/Off, Yes/No, Hot/Cold,etc. These bits are what allows for things to be created throught the internet. The bits are sent in binary code using a set of ones and zeroes, such as 101101001001001. 8 bits equal 1 BYTE, 1000 BYTES EQUALS1 KILO BYTE, 1000 KILO BYTES EQUALS 1 MEGA BYTE. MP3’s for example are3-4 MEGA BYTES. Each 1 bit is 1 second counted. These are sent across and are measured in bitrate and bandwidth. Bandwidth is the transmission capacity measured by bit rate. Bitrate is the number of bits per second a system can transmit. The time it take for a bit to travel from sender and receiver is called latency. Bitrate is shown as # of bits per second. For example 8Mbps, is explained as 8 million bits per second. The fiber optic cable reflects light bouncing and this is how the internet can move at the speed of light. Radio is created by frequency. The waves vary to send the bits across, this is done wirelessly, and needs to connect. For this to work they connect wifi, and other spots where the frequency is directed to. Wifi is connected to transfer bits through frequency connected through cables. The creators of the internet are Vint Lerf, and Bob Kahn who worked on creating the internet network protocol, IP. The networks connect to transfer the data. The protocol is set for communicating devices to adapt to the protocol set, making bit transfer faster and efficient. The Internet Protocol is an address, the IP address, every internet connected device has an individual and unique address. This number is assigned to the device by network connected to. The IP address sends like a letter to other devices, and includes its origin, and location to transfer to. The address is composed of numbers, which are bits, in various sets separated by a period. They are often 32 bits long, 8 bits for each part of the address on IPV4. The bits are separated by country/network- region network- subnetwork- device. Longer IP addresses are needed due to the growth of the internet and has changed to IPV6 with a total of 126 bits per address. There are 340 undecillion unique addresses in the world and counting. The data is then sent out to a DNS, a domain name system, that associates url witht he address sent. The DNS servers are connected in a distributed hierarchy. They work to move th ebits to find the data you look for by lending each other the files asked for and then returning them back to you. This process is a system of connections between the informations tored and locations were it is stored. When there is a hack this can  mean a break in the line returning to location. To avoid this the DNS works using complex and different route systems to transfer, dodging viruses and hacks. Then when the info is sent back to your device, it does an automatic check of the files before presenting them to you. If the check is not clear, the files are resent until they are perfect. This explains constant buffering in videos.


10 Keys to Personal Power


Key 1: Clarity
“Have vision. Determine what you want to be, do or have in life.  Have a sense of direction and know where you’re going.  If you do not have clear specific goals in life, you are doomed forever to work for others who do.”


Having clarity means being certain of something, and knowing deeply that it is what you want to do. 50% Decision Made, and 50% Important reasons as to why that decision is made. Goals need to have purpose, and need to be set in order to accomplish things in life. “Clarity,” is a song by the artist ZEDD featuring Foxes, this song speaks of a dysfunctional love, where both individuals recognize the problems, but still both agree and understand that this love is what they want. The lovers believe that although their love may be chaotic, it is still their goal and something they want. When making decisions we must have certainty and clarity that it is what we want and the desire and passion for that goal will serve to motivate us to accomplish this goal.

Lyrics to “Clarity” – Zedd, feat. Foxes






Key 2Competence
“If you commit to excellence, opportunities will always come your way. The harder you work, the better you get.” 


Practice makes permanent. For new things to get better you must work harder. This means finding it in you to keep going. Endurance, and persistency. No one is ever just granted something. Fight for your happiness and goals, and work hard to achieve them. People in other countries and scenarios in life do not have the resources you may have and taking those resources for granted can lead to less work from you. Work hard, work smart.




Key 3Concentration
“Make the best use of your time. Ask yourself “Is this the best use of my time?” before you start anything.”

Focus on what you need to. It is easy to be distacted, especially in modern society. So much technology and entertainment to play with that we find ourselves running into daily distractions. The essential question to ask per day : “WHAT DID YOU DO FOR HUMANITY TODAY?” This question includes you. What have you done for yourself today? Each thing you do affects you and mainly you because they are your choices. So next time you feel you are falling behind, that is your body telling you that you need to do better. On the bus, read that book you had assigned. In the shower , recite the amendments you had to memorize. When you’re having lunch jot down your to-do list to recognize where your new found energy will be directed. Life is short, and wasting time on planning it means failing in living it.


Key 4Common Sense

  • Train your mind
  • think things through
  • listen to your intuition
  • learn from setbacks


Common sense is essential to keeping your sanity. Your mind is your most important assest. Stress can derail your train of thought and can alter the way you perceive things, so keeping away stress helps. Keeping a clear conscience is also helpful in decision making and it helps you not feel clogged. Logic, and knowing right from wrong can be helpful in a variety of situations. For example, imagine if you got the opportunity to cheat on a test you did not study for, you use common sense. 1. You should have studied 2. Think it through, is it really worth it? 3. Listen to your intuition, if you feel it is wrong then it is wrong. 4. Learn from this situation and become better. Using your brain progresses you forward!




Key 5Creativity
“Accept the fact that every human being is a genius.  The hallmark of creativity is asking questions.  The people who are most creative ask the most questions.”

Everyone is smart in what they are skilled at, and trying and attempting to do something you aren’t good at is smart because they are learning what they lack. Creativity can often challenge the way things are and the way things could be.  This means everyone’s thought process is smart in their own way. For the artist, a new painting is a never before imagined theory. His/her art is created by inspiration, but is still different than anything they have seen, so it can count as an invention. It takes brains to create something out of nothing. Being practical is also a form of intelligence. Consider the person cliping coupons and a person can label them poor, but they are smart due to using their resources to save money.










Key 6Consideration

“The quality of your relationships with other people will determine your success in life.”
“Develop the people skills you need to become a better communicator.  Take courses in listening, speaking, etc.”
“If you were to learn one new word a day, within 5 years, you’ll be the best educated person in history.”


Opening your mind and your heart to new things can  mean taking control of your life, and living it fully. The world is not two-dimensional and neither should a person’s perception of the world. If you seek to let in new opportunities those opportunities can open more chances of living life than opposed to never taking any opportunities. Consider your surroundings, this includes your relations, your status in the world, and they way you live life. Is this the way you want to live? How can things change this? Considering the world means opening your mind to more and opening the chance to rethink things. Some people are poison, and often times we don’t see the venom. So recounting the relations you may have, opening your mind you can note the way that some people are not what you previously assumed them to be.




Key 7Consistency

“Dependable, steady predictable work is always superior to fast spurts of work.”

Be consistent in your relationships, your family, friends, your boss, your work.  Be the person that people can depend upon.  That if you say you’ll do something you do it..”
Being consistent means being reliable. This factor can get you promotions in work and can get you further ahead and build stronger relations with those you know. Work must be continuous to progress, nothing became of something started, and not repeated and completed. Often being consistent can seem challenging due to outside obstacles constantly changing your path, but remaining and staying means moving forward. In a game for example, when you play and try to achieve the objectives, you can pass many levels and move onward, but if you continue to mess up on a particular round then the game doesnt continue to level up. To move forward in life, you must continue to push forward and try your best.









Key 8Commitment
“No success is possible without commitment.  The ability to commitment to yourself whole heartily is the basis of achieving all success.”

“Become totally absorbed in your work.  Be totally committed.”

Being committed to the work you are doing means giving your entire devotion and focus on the goal. Scientist devote their lives to research and this research is what drives their passion for doing what they do. This kind of focus should be appplied to anything an individual seeks to accomplish and their acomplishment will seem to be accomplished much faster than expected. Practice makes permanent, this practice can forever become a habit and a way of life fr the individual that is doing what they are supposed to do.

Making a Commitment. – Psychology Today

Rule of Commitment – About Health




Key 9: Courage
“The fear of failure is the single greatest reason for failure in life.”

It is better to fail at something than succeed immediately. Failure means practice and effort and hoping f0r success. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure results in experience and lessons learned. In a video game, when you fail a mission or level, the character most often gains experience points. The character and you the player both learn from the obstacles, you learn strategy and tactics to redo what you did strong, and reflect on improving your weaknesses. This leads to success. Successful people have failed many times, until achieving success. The harder the fight, the sweeter the triumph. Don’t shy away from losing, welcome losing and learning.






Key 10: Confidence
“You only get confidence by doing things over and over again .”

Confidence is from within. A person can call you handsome/beautiful multiple times and not affect the listener. The listener chooses what to listen to and how it will affect them. Confidence is believing in yourself, regardless of what others believe. i have confidence in playing music and solos, even when im the only one playing, or im playing the highest note there. I practice so often, and play so much, im not afraid to be loud or better yet, to be heard. I have confidence that i can do what i have practiced doing. It is braver to face up to your fear of shyness, then to back down. Know what you can do and believe in yourself. The only one that can give a person confidence is themselves.




Personal power is about impowering yourself personally. This means making and learning to build yourself in order to improve. Having clear visions of what to open your mind to and what goals to pursue. It is findig total focus and determination to achieve and succeed. This means practice and this means finding ways to push yourself further and to further what you could be. Making schedules and setting aside time to build the empire within you. For impowering th e individual, one must concentrate on finding your key goal in life and as a person. Perhaps someone’s goal is to change the world, to make a massive global company, to start a foundation to save humanity, whatever the case, it means knowing what you desire and knowing how to achieve and push yourself forawrd to it. To rank in numbers and statistics, an individual must have common sense and use logic in making choices that can determine their future. The values of a person must remain in tact and that’s difficult when people degrade a person’s values. Staying strong, and staying true to who you are can benefit the individual. It is a benefit and a secret weapon because no one can be what you are. An individual is individual. This means imagining and creating what has never been done before. This is something, a form of invention, only you can create. Within these thoughts the individual also takes consideration of actions and long term effects of the actions and how it affects those around her/him. To keep being strong, a person needs consistency. Be loyal, be strong, and never giving up. Staying and following your heart is the key. It is necessary to stay committed to your work and to be committed most importantly to yourself. Have the courage to fight and stand for yourself. Have the confidence to believe in yourself. With this, the world can’t stop you, and you’re invincible. 































The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People



Habit 1: Be Proactive
“Habit 1 is the key to unlocking all the other habits and that’s why it comes first. It says, “I am the captain of my life. I can choose my attitude. I’m responsible for my own happiness or unhappiness. I am in the driver’s seat of my destiny, not just a passenger.”
Make a change in the world, and do your job to live life. If you have a job, it is your job to work hard. As a student, your job is to learn.  As a living creature, your job is to live. We need to do what is set for us, to complete the plan. To live fully, one must experience life in its entirety. Be productive, and stay positive to move forward.

Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind
“Control your own destiny or someone else will.” (Jack Welch)
When reflecting on life realize goals and have set ends for them. For example losing weight, set a goal weight you wish to achieve as a end, so you know where you are heading. Life is a series of goals, victories, and persistency. Goals are motivation to move you forward in the world, and with goals you accomplish more. Right now, my cousin and I are exercise buddies. She really wanted to live a healthier life, and doesnt want to do it alone so together we are helping each other and our families become healthier from food choices to daily exercise. Yesterday for example, her dad, her, and me went for a brisk walk and then a jog around a park. Both of our households are focusing on having a healthy diet, so we are constantly finding new recipes for dinner and lunch. Our goal is to help our family become more healthy. This goal will help the members of our family with their own health and can help us all live health lifestyles in the future. The end, is never something we must dread but a goal we look forward to. Another view to this habit could be life. Life as we know it can end. So as mortals, we need to live our days to the most capacity of our potential, or at least live it happily. For me, I actually have a goal for each day. My goal each day is to be happy at least once throughout the day, and to make someon else happy. This way i feel accomplished and as if i brought some good to the world. Being successful requires looking to the future. So next time remember the future is the future and you can change it, the past is past and a memory. Focus on tomorrow, and today will only be yesterday.

Habit 3: Put First Things First

“Organize and execute around priorities.”

Priorities are first, and what matters should be accomplished and focused on. For a student school is first, for a parent their children come first, and likewise in other life scenarios. I currently have my homework to maintain and colleges to plan for. Focusing my time on my work has honestly allowed me to be more time conserving and honestly has helped me learn more. I honestly can say that managing priorities helps a person stay organized and relieves the headaches of stress.
Habit 4: Think Win-Win
“Think win-win or no deal.” 
 Think about the benefits and positive sides to every scenario and case. Their is always a good factor to acknowledge. In rough times, and bad times one must always see the good in the moment. I remember when we lost our Uncle to cancer a few years ago, all we could think about is how he is at rest now, and at peace in heaven. It was nice to imagine that he no longer had the harsh medicine and the needles, and that is how we viewed the passing. Also only doing good , and you recieving good, which in total is also win win. If you volunteer for giving food for the people in need, you give good, help and feel good. So partaking in such actions also help people be successful and accomplish things in life.
Habit 5: Seek First to Understand then to be Understood
“Diagnose before you prescribe.”
Listen to others, and you yourself can be heard. No one is able to understand someone who doesn’t understand others. People can sympathize with thoughts if you are willing to hear them out. For example in a debate, the person who wins, wins for two reasons. One, their argument was valid, and two the opposing argument was carefully examined, understood, and counter argued. Hearing helps. In many careers, you must be skilled at hearing and understanding. A simple job, for example a barista in a coffee shop, they must hear orders, and carefully understand the recipe to be able to make the beverage and give it to the customer. Teachers listen to questions of students, and students hear the wisdom from their teachers.
 Habit 6:  Synergize
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts (1+1=3)
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: 1+1=3”
Four Dimensions of Self-Renewal: Physical, Mental
”  Synergize is the habit of creative cooperation. It is teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems. “
Collaborating together with others is a form of synergizing. This can mean brainstorming ideas together and working together to solve or renew ideas. It is highly effective to work positively because you can complete tasks more quickly and this is effective when finishing work in your job, or for school such as projects. Cooperation also deals with positivity and being open minded to other’s opinions, and thoughts on something.
 Habit 7:  Sharpen the Saw
Four Dimensions of Self-Renewal: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social/Emotional
Sharpen the saw, is a metaphor for renewing something. For example, relearning something you know to add more knowledge, or doing something that can further your knowledge. Redo what you have done, and do what you have not. If you trained to get a 7 minute mile score, train for a 6 minute mile. Sharpening the saw can be just that, sharpening your tools. Sharpen your mind and expand its knowledge. Revive your heart by opening it up. Renew you way of thinking, by being open minded.
  These habits are essential, to be successful in what you plan and to complete goals. This post is truly about how to work life, and get things done. Being productive means prioritizing, and working constantly. The mindset of success has been to be positive and
goal oriented. Life is a series of goals, victories, and persistency.  To live fully, one must experience life in its entirety. So as mortals, we need to live our days to the most capacity of our potential, or at least live it happily. In rough times, and bad times one must always see the good in the moment. It is highly effective to work positively because you can complete tasks more quickly and this is effective when finishing work in your job, or for school such as projects. Listen to others, and you yourself can be heard. Being an effective person means being hardworking, and meaningful and useful to others. This means being open minded, open hearted, and open handed, listening, caring, and helping.

Three Fundamental Techniques in Handling People

Dale Carnegie
Technique 1: Don’t criticize, condemn or complain.
“If you want to gather honey, don’t kick over the beehive.”
Criticism is never handled lightly by anyone and is often seen as rude. Complaining is a burden because you bring down your own spirit and the other person’s. People like good natured conversation not something that will bother them. Life is always about focusing on the good and not the bad, it’s the only way to truly survive. It keeps you hopeful in difficult times. When speaking with someone, you don’t really know their thoughts or what they have gone through. Sometimes criticism seems useless when you don’t fully understand the situation and complaining can bring up other issues that you or the other person may have. People like to be appreciated and this is how relationships are formed. Each individual brings the other one something to better their life such as sympathy or compassion.
Technique 2: Give honest and sincere appreciation
“The big secret in dealing with people”
People can tell when we are lying, and a fake compliment is the worst. I think it makes the person feel guilty of not really being truthful. Honest and sincere comments are ones that cannot be denied and are truthful. For example, you can tell a girl ,” you are the most beautiful person alive,” but if the girl doesn’t believe it, it may sound very fake and unrealistic. Instead of this you could try, “you are the most beautiful, in my eyes,” this way the person cannot disagree and will understand that what you say is truthful because it is your personal opinion. Speak for yourself, and for the voiceless. When speaking, one must be connected to what they are saying for the phrase to be meaningful. Anyone can say, “I love you,” but only few can mean it with their heart. You can then feel the connection between each other. Applying this to your daily conversations and greetings surely makes those around you feel welcomed.
Technique 3: Arouse in the other person an eager want.
“He who can do this has the whole world with him. He who cannot, walks a lonely way.”

This principle can mean various things. For example you can inspire another. For a teacher to get their students to learn they must feel motivated and inspired to want to learn. In a conversation you have to encourage the other person to want to talk to you. In an interview for a job, the person hiring must see in you a reason to add you to their company or team as a benefit. When somebody truly wants/needs you, it is noticeable and often benefits both individuals. The other person will welcome something they want. If you want to be invited to a party, show that you are the life of the party and that your way of being is going to make the party more exciting. People will follow you for how you are and how you handle situations.






Final Reflection:

Handling people can become both a simple task and a difficult mission. People need kindness, and genuine emotion. These traits make people want to talk more. Humans crave interaction, but most importantly interaction that benefits them.  A conversation is between two people and two people should enjoy the conversation. I wish to apply these techniques in my conversations to help me speak better and more fluently with people. These techniques are the basics for handling small talk or deep convos with friends or strangers. When people are seeking advice from you, be honest and help them out. If you want to speak to someone, don’t push them away. If you want to talk to someone, make them enjoy talking to you.  People are like people, you are a person, and so am I. We should always take into consideration the views and words of others when we speak to them.

Killer Conversation Starters – click to view



















Christmas Break.


For Christmas vacation, I visited my dad. My dad’s house is about 3-4 hours away and in the middle of nowhere. My dad lives with my cousin from Mexico, my two other cousins, my niece, and my cousins friend. Our whole family was going to spend Christmas over there, and this is the first time I’ve spend any form of holiday with my dad since the divorce. We decorated the house, we put stockings on the staircase, and we burned cookies, and ate posole. My aunt made tamales that lasted us until three days after New Year’s.  I got to paint my own stocking which was awesome and I got to drink so much champurrado. We were there for two whole weeks and during the time we made the most of our time. We got to ride our old ATV’s, we played our shooting games, and I got to relive my most memorable moments in archery. We line up discarded soda cans to shoot at for accuracy and we shoot at a target board my dad has set in his back yard; my dad has his own set of dirt land next to the house where we ride our bikes and race. I hadn’t been able to do those things in a really long time. We made a fire and my dad’s dog started howling so we taught our baby niece how to howl at the moon, it is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. New Years was very meaningful to me, possibly the best New Year’s yet. I always see people get all fancy for this day and this year I really wondered why. We stay home, and eat food, and are with our family. I think that’s enough to kick off a new year. So this year I literally showed up to my cousin’s house with sweats and a hoodie, but I was extremely happy to share time with all of them.


















6 ways to make people like you

Rule 1: Become genuinely interested in other people.
“Do this and you will be welcome anywhere.”
“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”
“Ask questions to other people, questions that they would enjoy answering.”

As individuals we often like to feel cared about and when someone asks usquestions we feel like they care. Thus when we ask questions, they feel cared about. People like to feel important and in honest truth we like to talk about ourselves it boosts our ego. Instead of making yourself feel grand, make the other person feel valuable. I know by experience that when someone asks about our lives we feel like they care, and this makes us feel like we can care about them too. This bond creates friendships faster and with more substance. Next time when greeting, or meeting someone ask about them. Possibly start with, “how has your day been?” or, “how are you?” Simple key points to initiate conversation and promote interest.

 Link to article on traits of likeable people, useful!

“1. They aren’t insecure

2. They’re Genuine.

3. They Don’t Judge

4. They’re Positive

5. They Don’t Compete

6. They Provide Value

7. They Don’t Settle for Small Talk

8. They Touch People

9. They Don’t Shy Away

10. They Genuinely Like People”

This list is published in an article on that teaches us the ways people and why people are likeable. MAKE THE BEST IMPRESSION POSSIBLE

How to make people like you- INSTANTLY!


Rule 2: Smile
1) “Actions speak louder than words, and a smile says, “I like you. You make me happy. I am glad to see you.”
2) “You don’t feel like smiling? Then force yourself to smile.”
3) “It creates happiness in the home, fosters good will in a business, and is the countersign (witness or indication) of friends.”

Smiles are friendly and approachable. I have always found that the day i smile the most, ends up being the brightest. I have noticed that smiles only happen when we are happy, we do it to our friends, but imagine doing it to others? It could be magic. A smile can actually be made so easily. If you hold on to a smile for about thirty seconds straight( sometimes more depends on your mood, just hold it for a while) , you eventually begin to smile, it’s proven. Don’t believe me, try it. You just want to laugh, or smile, and it makes you happy instantly. Smiles are very essential to happiness in our lives and it makes us better as people. Everyone rather be around the happiness then the sadness, because what you give off, rubs off just like habits and vibes. So smile because you can, smile because someone out there just had a child, because someone out there is saying “I do,” because someone out there feels love, someone out there made a friend, and someone like you is smiling too. It makes us almost feel less alone. Because someone somewhere is happy too, and that’s awesome.

Songs to boost mood!

51 things to smile about!

15 ways to make someone smile

40 things that bring happiness




Rule 3: Remember names

1) “A man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

2) “If you don’t remember names, you are headed for trouble.”

Rule 4: Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.

” If you aspire to be a good conversationalist, be an attentive listener.” 
“Remember that the man you are talking to is a hundred times more interested in himself and his wants and his problems than he is in you and your problems. 


When people feel heard this welcomes a feeling of comfort and sympathy. Most of the time all we want is to be heard and often when we cannot be heard or aren’t we feel alone and unwanted. When someone asks about you, you feel as if someone cares and this is the feeling we want to give others. Just yesterday on the bus, I was speaking to this elderly woman on the bus and we got to talking about her life, and her kids, and travels. She left me at her stop and welcomed me to her home whenever I needed someone to speak to and a blessing. I had never had such an engaging conversation with someone and i can tell she felt genuinely heard, and this made me happy. It reminded me of my grandma and my mom, and my aunt and how we all talk to each other and they always open up to each other hearing each other our and getting advice from one another. They have like a support system and hearing people becomes means of support and you give hope to the other individual.

How to be a GOOD listener



Listening to others gives them support and makes you supportive so next time you see someone having some trouble take a moment to listen to them. I will constantly apply this skill in helping others.





5 Tips for Active Listening: 

  1. Stay Focused

  2. Really Listen

  3. Allow periods of silence for them to talk

  4. Paraphrase/ Repeat their words

  5. Understand emotions behind words 


Rule 5: Talk in terms of the other man’s interest.

“The royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most.”

When people relate they feel closer. No one ever feels unwanted this way and similarites are found amongst the two conversating. If the person brings up a certain topic, ask them on the topic. Asking the other person questions on their interests is a perfect way to fill awkward gaps of silence and to get to know one another. When I’m talking to someone knew my ocnversations starts off with greeting them, and then how are they or how was their day  and i elaborate on one of their topics of choosing. For example, my cousin came over yesterday and we watched a series of Christmas movies, and ate chinese food. We spent the entire time back and forth asking questions and discussing our lives. She has a basketball game today afternoon against another high school. and we took to speaking about basketball because it is something that interests her, she seemed happy to be talking freely, and i did as well. You can never expect someone to be interested in you when you show no interest in them at all.
Talking in another’s interests engages them in the talk and shows you care. The holidays are upon us and this is great time to be taking other’s opinions into considerations. For love ones, it helps with gift buying and finding ways for them to feel loved and cared about these Holidays!

Rule 6: Make the other person feel important–and do it sincerely.

“The desire to be important is the deepest urge in human nature.” (John Dewey)“Helping people feel important and appreciated works magic.”

When people feel important they feel cared for and loved. Everyone deserves to feel this way respected and wanted. One can make others feel special by listening to them and responding giving support. Those people then fell heard and this makes us happy. Making people feel happy and important is not a difficult feat and can be done with ease as one opens their hearts to give to another.

 30 out 0f 70 ways to make someone feel special

Pay Attention

1. Stop what you’re doing and look directly into their eyes when they’re talking.

2. Make a note of their likes and preferences so you can recommend joint activities you know they’ll enjoy.

3. Recognize when they’re feeling down on themselves and say, “I think you’re awesome, and I hope you know it!”

4. Compliment them on their appearance, especially if it’s something others might not recognize (like a small weight loss).

5. Praise them for a job well done—especially if it’s a tiny victory that others might not think to acknowledge.

6. Let them know what you find interesting, rare, or admirable about them.

7. Take an interest in their hobbies and passions, and give them a chance to light up in sharing why they enjoy them.

8. Compliment them on their skills as a parent or their thoughtfulness as a son, daughter, brother, or sister.

9. Start a conversation with, “It’s really amazing how you…”

10. Say, “I want you to know you make a difference in my life. Thank you for being you.”

See Potential

11. Tell them you believe they can achieve their dream—and why.

12. If they don’t have a clear dream, recognize and acknowledge their skills and talents.

13. Ask them questions to help them uncover how they can leverage their strengths to make a difference in the world.

14. Encourage them to go for something they want but are scared to pursue.

15. Comfort them after a failure or misstep and let them know it isn’t representative of who they are or what they’re capable of.

16. Ask them to teach you how to do something to reinforce that this is something they excel at.

17. Offer to teach them something you know they’ve wanted to try, and let them know why you think they’d be good at this.

18. Give them something to help them get started on their dream—like a journal for an aspiring writer, or a design book for someone interested in fashion.

19. Tell them you want to be the first one to buy their product or service when they inevitably start making a living off their passion.

20. Give them a hand-made card and write inside what you see in them.

Give Generously

21. Give your time—to listen, to support, or to just enjoy each other’s company.

22. Give them a job referral and say, “You’re the first person I thought of when I saw this—no one could do this job as well as you!”

23. Give an introduction to someone they’d enjoy knowing—and introduce them with a compliment (i.e.: This is my good friend Avery, who’s a fantastic chef and one of the funniest people I know).

24. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Instead of assuming they’ve done something thoughtful or insensitive, remember their goodness, and let them know.

25. Give them your approval—nod your head when they’re talking and commend their thoughts and ideas.

26. Give them space to work through thoughts and ideas out loud, even if you’re tempted to bring the conversation back to yourself.

27. Give them credit for something they were right about.

28. Give them the opportunity to shine in front of others when you’re tempted to dominate the conversation.

29. Give compassion when you’re tempted to judge, and let them know what you admire about the challenges they’ve overcome.

30. Give them your honest opinion and say, “I value you too much to tell you anything but the truth.”

For more of the 7o ways click here!

 Image result for making people feel special
 Image result for making people feel special
Image result for making people feel special
Image result for making people feel special
making others feel special can be as easy as showing them love or kindness, remembering events special to them, greeting them in the morning, or opening the door for them. At the beginning of your day strive to make people happy and at the end of the day notice what a difference it makes.


The six ways to make people like you have been tested, and proven. Each way can bring you one step closer to friends and aquaintences. For example, remembering names is a way to show people they made an impact on you, and listening to them provides them with support and comfort. I wish to follow and abide to these rules, and ways knowing they will affect my relations with people. I will respond attentively when spoken to and strive to make others feel appreciated. Smiles are contagious and by this way i can make others feel happy and feel welcomed. I believe that making relationships with others is both hard and easy depending on your reactions to them. For example, you can make friends with anyone and it is evident when noticing that friends can come from all kinds of backgrounds and still remain friends. Strive to show your happiness and to make others happy. Especially with the holidays, friendships are always beautiful to have as one feels the warmth of others.





6 Attitudes of High Achievers

 By John R. Noe
  1. Make No Small Plans

If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough. Think huge, think ginormous, dinosaur sized thoughts. Think thoughts that are so grand they burst through the limit of the common box, Let them become stars in the solar system. Don’t plan for the now, plan for the later and do for the now, for you see, now is the preset, later is what becomes of our present. High achievers look beyond the common day dilemma, they don’t see the calendar, they learn to see the goals on them. This applies to so many things. For example, the common person has most likely seen the before and after photos of a person who lost weight and achieved their goal. They post the dates right under the photos, and notice the big space in between dates, some are years, and all are months. Nothing happened in a week, not even two. They happened in months. I bring this to mind because those people never thought small. They thought okay, I’m going to be healthy, here’s the plan. Meal plans, exercise, changing unhealthy habits, all for the future. To achieve goals we must plan ahead and work hard. Big things never came from small work. By focusing on what you want to achieve anything is possible.

Are-Your-Dreams-Big-370x541 chelsea-before-after-weight-loss-pics-e1405871657807 images Make-No-Little-Plans tumblr_n6vgbpiYPn1rqfpdjo1_500 other-side-fear2 strength2

2. Do what they fear

You must learn to face your fears. A key to accomplishing the impossible is to do what seemed impossible and make it possible. Fears are frightening,but learning to deal with the fears, frightens the fears. So i say, chill or be chilled. Make your fears fear you. Destroy what destroys you. Facing your fears opens opportunities.


In psychology coming into contact with your fears is called exposure. The process of facing your fears in an effective, systematic way is called exposure therapy. I’ll start by describing the main principles behind it. However, applying these ideas is a little messier when it comes to social fears. I’ll explain why later, but first I’ll lay out the basic concepts.

Why it’s important to face your fears!


3. Are willing to prepare

4. Are willing to risk failure

5. Are teachable

High achievers work hard, and have the desire to learn and so they learn. To fully grasp a concept or understand, one must be willing to work towards understanding. Being taught requires accepting the lesson taught. As they say you can give an animal water for thirst, but you can not make it drink it. Success in life, is not measured by where you are but how you got there. No one can make you feel or think things that you can’t feel. You cannot be taught what you don’t want to know.

Being teachable and humble is not about competency or mental ability; it is all about a thirst and an appreciation for knowledge. St. Augustine once said: “Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. Are you planning a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.” When I meet someone who is teachable they are self-effacing, they listen well, acknowledge their errors and fix them, continually seek more knowledge, and surround themselves with seasoned educators. – Excerpt from, written by Alan Hall Link to site and article

Definition of teachable Teachable means willing to learn or be taught.

Learning is so important because there is so much out there. It makes life fuller. When learning is mentioned one reflects and imagines books and numbers, but learning is accepting knowledge, all knowledge. Understanding the tutorial of a video game is learning, following a new recipe is learning, looking at a video step by step process of origami or even a makeup tutorial is learning. When someone says i hate learning, it is not learning they hate, but the subject they dislike. For example my younger brother Danny, he loves math, and does it freely and happily when assigned, but he struggles in English. He struggles only because he creates that barrier of being unteachable, of not wanting to learn. I notice that when i am reluctant to grasp something, i do not learn it. So to make it easier for me, i learned to accept the information and welcome it. When you fight something, you can’t expect it to not fight back.  Open your heart, mind, and senses to something and it will never leave you.

6. Have heart

Have compassion and sympathy for the common good. Heart means having passion and bringing life to things. High achievers achieve highly due to their goals being pure and high and with good intent. Use what you have for the common good. If you have and achieve success, use that success to not only better your world but to better those in the whole world. For example, a millionaire who gets thousands a day and instead of falling to greed can help those around them. Ill people are dying due to high cost of medicine, families are on the streets, elderly people care has gone down, natural disaster destruction can’t be helped due to low funding, people are starving, wars are springing up over money debate and financial difficulty. Nowadays all this world needs is a helping hand from mankind. Instead of focusing on the money, focus on integrity. Money has power because man gives it power. It’s paper. Paper burns, rips, is lost, crumbles, fades when wet, paper is nothing but paper. Money is paper. Paper comes from trees. The absolute saddest part of this, the sickest part, is that we value money so much but don’t realize the trees killed from the paper, the families lost for it, the murders committed wanting it, we are so blinded by the diamond encrusted gold watch shine, that we don’t see the real part of life. What would happen if currency no longer had use? If inflation happened, if all economies crashed? We can give money to the world, we know that. But that would make money useless. See, money is nothing but debt and trust and false flash of desires. At the end of the day, what did you do to help the world? What did you do to help humanity?

Psychological meaning of having heart

Having heart Article on Survival

High achievers achieve highly from their thoughts and morals and plans, not only actions. Each thing you do reflects upon were you are. If you have many friends and loved ones, it is because you were kind and friendly and generous. If you are a superhero saving lives then it is because you stood for justice. No one is where they are without reason. You are where you are due to what you were and what you went through. Make no small plans and keep your hopes high. As they say, shoot for the moon and if you dont succeed you still land among the stars. Do what they fear. Sometimes people aren’t born strong or courageous. Sometimes they become strong when strong is all they have left. Sometimes they are brave when bravery is there only option. Never being afraid to challenge the odds against you, because once you challenge the impossible, anything is possible. Practice doesn’t just make perfect, it makes permanent. Preparation is key to any strategy. Being prepared for life and life’s untimely obstacles. Expect the unexpected. You could do so much if you plan more than the normal. For an exam for example, say you only study the study guide and not notes, you’re in a pickle if the teacher puts questions outside of the guide. But if you notice all the information needed to pass the entire topic, you need not be afraid of any exam. Failure is inevitable. We all fail. The greatest were never always great. To know what triumph is, we must understand defeat. Never be afraid to lose or to fail because each fail adds up to a win. For example, in the video game injustice, i could never defeat sinestro as a battle withing the story mode of the game. So i tried and tried, relentllessly to defeat him and after a good period of training tutorials and batlles i won. I did not give up on my goal to win. I died about 7 times or so, before i won. Teachable. You must be willing to learn to grow. No plant ever grew from not drinking water. The product is wisdom, the manufacturing is where the knowledge is made. Have a heart. The most important of all the rules within achieving highly. What good is success without anyone to share it with?