10 Keys to Personal Power


Key 1: Clarity
“Have vision. Determine what you want to be, do or have in life.  Have a sense of direction and know where you’re going.  If you do not have clear specific goals in life, you are doomed forever to work for others who do.”


Having clarity means being certain of something, and knowing deeply that it is what you want to do. 50% Decision Made, and 50% Important reasons as to why that decision is made. Goals need to have purpose, and need to be set in order to accomplish things in life. “Clarity,” is a song by the artist ZEDD featuring Foxes, this song speaks of a dysfunctional love, where both individuals recognize the problems, but still both agree and understand that this love is what they want. The lovers believe that although their love may be chaotic, it is still their goal and something they want. When making decisions we must have certainty and clarity that it is what we want and the desire and passion for that goal will serve to motivate us to accomplish this goal.

Lyrics to “Clarity” – Zedd, feat. Foxes






Key 2Competence
“If you commit to excellence, opportunities will always come your way. The harder you work, the better you get.” 


Practice makes permanent. For new things to get better you must work harder. This means finding it in you to keep going. Endurance, and persistency. No one is ever just granted something. Fight for your happiness and goals, and work hard to achieve them. People in other countries and scenarios in life do not have the resources you may have and taking those resources for granted can lead to less work from you. Work hard, work smart.




Key 3Concentration
“Make the best use of your time. Ask yourself “Is this the best use of my time?” before you start anything.”

Focus on what you need to. It is easy to be distacted, especially in modern society. So much technology and entertainment to play with that we find ourselves running into daily distractions. The essential question to ask per day : “WHAT DID YOU DO FOR HUMANITY TODAY?” This question includes you. What have you done for yourself today? Each thing you do affects you and mainly you because they are your choices. So next time you feel you are falling behind, that is your body telling you that you need to do better. On the bus, read that book you had assigned. In the shower , recite the amendments you had to memorize. When you’re having lunch jot down your to-do list to recognize where your new found energy will be directed. Life is short, and wasting time on planning it means failing in living it.


Key 4Common Sense

  • Train your mind
  • think things through
  • listen to your intuition
  • learn from setbacks


Common sense is essential to keeping your sanity. Your mind is your most important assest. Stress can derail your train of thought and can alter the way you perceive things, so keeping away stress helps. Keeping a clear conscience is also helpful in decision making and it helps you not feel clogged. Logic, and knowing right from wrong can be helpful in a variety of situations. For example, imagine if you got the opportunity to cheat on a test you did not study for, you use common sense. 1. You should have studied 2. Think it through, is it really worth it? 3. Listen to your intuition, if you feel it is wrong then it is wrong. 4. Learn from this situation and become better. Using your brain progresses you forward!




Key 5Creativity
“Accept the fact that every human being is a genius.  The hallmark of creativity is asking questions.  The people who are most creative ask the most questions.”

Everyone is smart in what they are skilled at, and trying and attempting to do something you aren’t good at is smart because they are learning what they lack. Creativity can often challenge the way things are and the way things could be.  This means everyone’s thought process is smart in their own way. For the artist, a new painting is a never before imagined theory. His/her art is created by inspiration, but is still different than anything they have seen, so it can count as an invention. It takes brains to create something out of nothing. Being practical is also a form of intelligence. Consider the person cliping coupons and a person can label them poor, but they are smart due to using their resources to save money.










Key 6Consideration

“The quality of your relationships with other people will determine your success in life.”
“Develop the people skills you need to become a better communicator.  Take courses in listening, speaking, etc.”
“If you were to learn one new word a day, within 5 years, you’ll be the best educated person in history.”


Opening your mind and your heart to new things can  mean taking control of your life, and living it fully. The world is not two-dimensional and neither should a person’s perception of the world. If you seek to let in new opportunities those opportunities can open more chances of living life than opposed to never taking any opportunities. Consider your surroundings, this includes your relations, your status in the world, and they way you live life. Is this the way you want to live? How can things change this? Considering the world means opening your mind to more and opening the chance to rethink things. Some people are poison, and often times we don’t see the venom. So recounting the relations you may have, opening your mind you can note the way that some people are not what you previously assumed them to be.




Key 7Consistency

“Dependable, steady predictable work is always superior to fast spurts of work.”

Be consistent in your relationships, your family, friends, your boss, your work.  Be the person that people can depend upon.  That if you say you’ll do something you do it..”
Being consistent means being reliable. This factor can get you promotions in work and can get you further ahead and build stronger relations with those you know. Work must be continuous to progress, nothing became of something started, and not repeated and completed. Often being consistent can seem challenging due to outside obstacles constantly changing your path, but remaining and staying means moving forward. In a game for example, when you play and try to achieve the objectives, you can pass many levels and move onward, but if you continue to mess up on a particular round then the game doesnt continue to level up. To move forward in life, you must continue to push forward and try your best.









Key 8Commitment
“No success is possible without commitment.  The ability to commitment to yourself whole heartily is the basis of achieving all success.”

“Become totally absorbed in your work.  Be totally committed.”

Being committed to the work you are doing means giving your entire devotion and focus on the goal. Scientist devote their lives to research and this research is what drives their passion for doing what they do. This kind of focus should be appplied to anything an individual seeks to accomplish and their acomplishment will seem to be accomplished much faster than expected. Practice makes permanent, this practice can forever become a habit and a way of life fr the individual that is doing what they are supposed to do.

Making a Commitment. – Psychology Today

Rule of Commitment – About Health




Key 9: Courage
“The fear of failure is the single greatest reason for failure in life.”

It is better to fail at something than succeed immediately. Failure means practice and effort and hoping f0r success. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure results in experience and lessons learned. In a video game, when you fail a mission or level, the character most often gains experience points. The character and you the player both learn from the obstacles, you learn strategy and tactics to redo what you did strong, and reflect on improving your weaknesses. This leads to success. Successful people have failed many times, until achieving success. The harder the fight, the sweeter the triumph. Don’t shy away from losing, welcome losing and learning.






Key 10: Confidence
“You only get confidence by doing things over and over again .”

Confidence is from within. A person can call you handsome/beautiful multiple times and not affect the listener. The listener chooses what to listen to and how it will affect them. Confidence is believing in yourself, regardless of what others believe. i have confidence in playing music and solos, even when im the only one playing, or im playing the highest note there. I practice so often, and play so much, im not afraid to be loud or better yet, to be heard. I have confidence that i can do what i have practiced doing. It is braver to face up to your fear of shyness, then to back down. Know what you can do and believe in yourself. The only one that can give a person confidence is themselves.




Personal power is about impowering yourself personally. This means making and learning to build yourself in order to improve. Having clear visions of what to open your mind to and what goals to pursue. It is findig total focus and determination to achieve and succeed. This means practice and this means finding ways to push yourself further and to further what you could be. Making schedules and setting aside time to build the empire within you. For impowering th e individual, one must concentrate on finding your key goal in life and as a person. Perhaps someone’s goal is to change the world, to make a massive global company, to start a foundation to save humanity, whatever the case, it means knowing what you desire and knowing how to achieve and push yourself forawrd to it. To rank in numbers and statistics, an individual must have common sense and use logic in making choices that can determine their future. The values of a person must remain in tact and that’s difficult when people degrade a person’s values. Staying strong, and staying true to who you are can benefit the individual. It is a benefit and a secret weapon because no one can be what you are. An individual is individual. This means imagining and creating what has never been done before. This is something, a form of invention, only you can create. Within these thoughts the individual also takes consideration of actions and long term effects of the actions and how it affects those around her/him. To keep being strong, a person needs consistency. Be loyal, be strong, and never giving up. Staying and following your heart is the key. It is necessary to stay committed to your work and to be committed most importantly to yourself. Have the courage to fight and stand for yourself. Have the confidence to believe in yourself. With this, the world can’t stop you, and you’re invincible.