Cytology video summary

To be a cytologist, you have to notice everything even the smallest most simplest detail. You must be very observant and you have to look through a microscope and enjoy microscope work. i wouldn’t wan to be a cytologist for the reason that i think it would be sort of a dull career option for me and i am not a fan of microscopes. This career would not be my first choice.

Cytotechnologist (Cytology)




Duties and Responsibilities:

Cytology is the study of human body cells. Cytotechnologists are specially trained clinical technologists who study human body cells. They examine cells to identify changes that many indicate diseases like cancer.

Their duties include preparing microscope slides of cell samples, examining cell sample using microscopes, identifying abnormalities in shape, size, or color, using other automated lab equipment to perform tests, and analyzing report test results to physicians.

Cytotechnologists usually work in hospitals, clinics, or private laboratories. They also work in universities or for other researchers.

Average Salary: $ 30,000-$50,000

Educational requirements:

Students should take the most challenging high school courses in science, math, and English. Almost all cytotechnologists earn bachelor’s degrees in medical or clinical technology programs that include a year-long clinical internship in the field.


Class Presentations

Dentists : Diego Granados and Luis Gutierrez

Many general dentists are highly educated in dentistry. They do dentures, mouth guards, oral surgery, and root canal therapy.

You need 3 or more years of undergraduate college. Dentists must be licensed in all states. They need to pass written exams.

The median pay was $146,920 in may 2010. Employment is expected to grow.

Medical Careers: Brenda Rodriguez and Elena Reyes

One medical career they listed was an obstetrician, which take care of babies.They told us of psychologists, dentists, epidemiologist, optometrists which have to do with the eyes, occupational therapist help people after surgery and people with  mental illnesses, veterinarians, and bio-medical engineers.  Chiropractors help people with problems in their bones and muscles. Pharmacologists study the effects of new medicines on organisms.

Medical Careers : Oscar Martinez

Physical therapists spend most of their time on their feet.  You need a calm reassuring manner to be a respiratory therapist.  it is expected that we will need more therapists in the years to come. A nuclear medicine technologists use radioactive drugs to give to patients undergoing scans. To become one you need a associates degree in nuclear medicine tech.

Clinical Technologist

Clinical Technologist

Clinical technologists perform more complex laboratory tests and procedures than technicians. They also supervise technicians, confirm their tests and manage laboratory quality control programs.

Most clinical laboratory specialists work in hospitals but they are also employed by private practices, medical group, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and universities.

Average salary:

$20,000-$28,000 (clinical laboratory technicians)

$25,000-40,000 (clinical technologists)

Educational Requirements:

Students should take the most challenging high school courses in science, math, and English.

An associate’s degree in the field or completion of a specialized in-house training program is required to become a clinical laboratory technician.

A bachelor’s degree in the field is normally required to become a clinical technologist; however some employers accept an associate’s degree and extensive clinical experience as a substitute. Many technologists pursue additional graduate education or specialized training to advance their careers in clinical chemistry, blood banking, and microbiology.


Student Success Statement

“You have only always to do what is right. It will become easier by practice, and you enjoy in the midst of your trials the pleasure of an approving conscience.”

Robert E. Lee

You can always do what is right. and you should do what is right.