100+ Goals reflection ~\-_-\~

Okay this year when we got our goals asssignment i already knew it was going to help us out in life. And so far it has. Since i wrote down my goals i actually accomplished more than usual because it was a goal. I wanted a victory. I got to do things i was afraid of and tried new things i said i would do. I got to make a pinata this year and i have always wanted to and now i know how to. I go to pet an ostrich even though i was a bit scared to touch one. I got to learn a new language, now i can speak English, Spanish and somewhat French. I understand now. I got to read new books and i got to create a sculpture of clay. I passed all the levels on this video game. I got to grow a garden at home. I took my AP exam for history. I accomplished so much this year and this guided me on doing so. I feel it has a great impact on a person who uses it. I will keep reading it and adding to it because life is full of possibilities and i should never give up on my goals and never stop having goals because they’re is so much you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. I never was as outgoing as now and this book made me who i am today typing this post. I do hope others next year can benefit from having this book and being inspired to accomplish their dreams and hopes and goals. And to never give up on them.


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