Christmas Break.


For Christmas vacation, I visited my dad. My dad’s house is about 3-4 hours away and in the middle of nowhere. My dad lives with my cousin from Mexico, my two other cousins, my niece, and my cousins friend. Our whole family was going to spend Christmas over there, and this is the first time I’ve spend any form of holiday with my dad since the divorce. We decorated the house, we put stockings on the staircase, and we burned cookies, and ate posole. My aunt made tamales that lasted us until three days after New Year’s.  I got to paint my own stocking which was awesome and I got to drink so much champurrado. We were there for two whole weeks and during the time we made the most of our time. We got to ride our old ATV’s, we played our shooting games, and I got to relive my most memorable moments in archery. We line up discarded soda cans to shoot at for accuracy and we shoot at a target board my dad has set in his back yard; my dad has his own set of dirt land next to the house where we ride our bikes and race. I hadn’t been able to do those things in a really long time. We made a fire and my dad’s dog started howling so we taught our baby niece how to howl at the moon, it is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. New Years was very meaningful to me, possibly the best New Year’s yet. I always see people get all fancy for this day and this year I really wondered why. We stay home, and eat food, and are with our family. I think that’s enough to kick off a new year. So this year I literally showed up to my cousin’s house with sweats and a hoodie, but I was extremely happy to share time with all of them.



















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  1. She wears her satins like a lady
    She gets her way just like a child
    You take her home and she says “Maybe, baby”
    She takes you down and drives you wild

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