“Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush. It can color any situation.” – Anonymous

Our attitude can change and alter a moment. Okay imagine. You are at school, walking in the hallway and you trip on your shoelace and you slip. You got a few options on how you can react to this while a bunch of people await your response. 1) Get up, walk away, and pretend it didn’t happen. 2) Laugh it off and get up. 3) Yell at the people laughing at you and get mad and embarrassed. You see the way you react will determine the outcome of the fall. If you get up and yell at everybody about it, they’ll probably just get mad and make fun of you and you’ll be all embarrassed all day. If you get up and walk away, that’s it moment over and no one really cared too much anyway. If you laugh at it, people notice that you’re okay and that you yourself found your slip up funny and that’s it no embarrassment because you accepted the situation. Another situation, you see a person being bullied. 1) You go and kick the bully’s butt. 2) You walk away. 3) You go for help and make sure the victim is okay. The way you react can help or hurt that person.



Attitude.. our way of acting and reacting towards other or things. it is our behavior. For example some of us are pessimists and negative about life while others are optimists and have a positive outlook. Our attitude changes every situation. The way we respond to what someone tells us determines their reply. If you hear bad news and you are devastated and you look upset or cry the other person will usually try to comfort you. If we hear good news and you are overjoyed, the other person speaking to you will notice and will continue to talk of the matter. Our attitude towards things makes a huge difference on what kind of people we are as well. For example some students have poor attitudes and hate school and homework, others have good attitdue to it and love coming to learn. Our attitude makes us like or dislike something, it changes with our body language and expressions. Intention and attitude make abig difference in how much yougain or lose in any situation.

List of good attitudes:

  • being hopeful
  • having kindness
  • caring
  • being positive and optimistic


List of bad attitude:

  • angry and hostile
  • depressive and pessimistic
  • unfair
  • rude behavior



duties and responsibilities:

They are specialist dentists that specialize in th eprevention, diagnose, and treatment of  diseases that affect the supporting structure of the teeth.They carry out tasks such as scaling, root planning removal of damaged tissue from the root surface. They also carry out dental placement procedures. 

Salary: $ 270,000 per year

education: Medical school and they require at least 3 years of training.

reflection: it is similar to the dentistry profession. i don’t and wouldn’t like working with teeth, i myself have had bad experiences with my teeth.




” He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”

A proverb


My grandma says that you can tell how and who a person is depending on their friends. Its true you are just like the crowd you hang out with. Smart people hang out with smart people. Jocks hang out with jocks. Thats how it is. But i have my two best friends who have so many differences between each other and me. We are all so different and you really can’t put a label on us as a whole. I believe individually we would get some stereoptypical label but in a group and in unison i don’t see how they can find a precise word to describe what we come off as. Although, one thing is true about all of us. That no matter what, we aren’t bad people. We aren’t bullies or mean snickering people who tell lies to others and cheat them daily. We are good hearted and that’s why we are friends i believe because we aren’t bad, in fact deep down we are actually caring and sympathetic people. We are human i suppose.

Dental Technician

duties and responsibilities:

Construct, fit, or repair devices. These include dentures, and prosthetics.

Salary: $33, 070

Education: Skills are learned on job.

Reflection: This career is   good and seems easy to do actually. I would  not like this job because it seems boring and not something i want to pursue for the rest of my life.

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“You can’t hire someone else to do your pushups for you.” – Jim Rohn


You cant pay someone to deal with your problems and you cant hire a person to make your decisions for you either. You cant hire someone to eat for you or to learn for. You cant pay a person to go and take your shots for you. if someoen else were tot ake your vacccines for you, then you won’t receive the antibiotic they will. When i was little i used to ask my mom if she could tke my shots for me because i was afraid of needles. She told me that my fear for shots won’t go away unless i deal with them. No one can overcome your fears for you. If you are afraid of the dark, telling your best friend to not be afraid of the dark won’t make you any bit less afraid then you were before. We come in contact with adversity and problems and we deal with them because no one will deal with them for us and we overcome adversity by ourselves for ourselves. What we wish to acccomplish, we must accomplish ourselves. Image


Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

duties and responisbilties: Also known as otolaryngologist.   They treat problems affecting your ears, nose and throat. They are physicians trained in surgical and medical management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ears and nose and throat. Diagnose and manage diseases of the nose, sinuses, larynx, mouth and throat. There is seven areas in the field of this profession.




Must be certified and trained. and have had medical courses taken throughout their education. Requires a degree and a license from a college/university.


This is a good career option and my brother has nose problems and i had a friend who used to stutter a lot due to mouth and vocal problems and a otolarynologist helped him recover from his issue.




Integrity Within

Abraham Lincoln promised his mother he would never smoke tobacco or drink whiskey and he never did. In the car ride with the colonel, he explained to him why he never does and why he has always kept his promise. The colonel inspired with Lincoln’s answer accepted his rejection to not smoke or drink with him.


Lincoln never broke his promise to his mother and it means so much more than promise. Anyone can promise something but it takes a person with integrity to do what she/he says she/he will do or won’t do. Its something we really have within us. I myself have made promises to my brother and to people and i have not ever broken them. I promised my mom that I would always pray before i sleep and i do every night i pray and thank god for all he has given me. A promise is something we mean all the time, its anever ending promise just because a person leaves us doesn’t mean we change our promise to that person. A promise is a promise no matter what adn you can’t break a promise.




Clinical Manager

Duties and responsibilities:

Clinical managers, a type of medical and health services manager, work as managers in both administrative and medical capacities to ensure that the establishment for which they work runs smoothly. Often work for doctor’s offices, clinics, long-term facilities, and outpatient facilities. They manage clinicl, professional, administrative, and clerical staff. 

Salary: $ 88,580 per year


A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

This job doesn’t seem so hard and managing a facility takes leadership and confidence.


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” Kindness is the essence of greatness.”

Joseph B. Wirthlin


To rise to the standards of greatness you must be kind within. A good heart can beat a good mind and money everyday. When you’re kind, you’re kindnes doesnt only affect others it affects you and your soul. Kindness is something we show from our heart and its shown through actions we do. I’ve seen people be so kind to others and do great things and it makes me think highly of those people. For instance Mr. haymore, students do bother him but he remains patient and kind and doesnt lose his cool. That has to be why he is one of the most kindest teachers here. Kindness is spread from one person to another and it can be spread from anyone to anybody. Like a cure for the disease of hate and rudeness. We humans heal ourselves with kindness and love. Its what makes us humans and not robots. Kindness is how we show appreciation, respect, help, love, loyalty. i am kind to my friends because i genuinely love them, and i respect them and who they are, and i help them whenever theyneed a hand because they do so for me. I show kindness to my mother for all the love and kindness she has given me throughtout life and i give kindness to my brother for all the kindness he shows with me. Its a gift really. Kindness is an invisible gift we give to each other and we accept it with happiness and give it with happiness.